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  • Caleb Is Honoured; Judges 1 – 3

    "Deborah was an amazing woman. She was a prophetess and the fourth judge of Israel. She was filled with the presence of God, and people gravitated to her because of her Godly council. She reached out to Barak, a head of Israel, and told him that God had chosen him to defeat the armies that had ga...

  • A Victory for Deborah; Judges 4 – 6

    "One of the most amazing and tragic stories from the book of Judges comes in chapters 13 to
    16. Samson was the only judge in Israel to have had inconceivable strength. However, that
    was not the problem. The difficulty for Samson began with his pride and came to fruition
    when he revealed the secre...

  • The Secret; Judges 14 – 1 7

    "Faith is often misunderstood when we live in a generation that has rejected or neglected Christ. Many misunderstand the way our faith should be and project their faith onto cultural and political things. Ancient Israel did just that. The Laws of God were not in their heart, they were lost in the...