Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2022)

Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2022)

12 Seasons

New episodes five days each week, Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show is designed to guide you through the Bible in one year.

We are a family-run international ministry with television, print and online programs designed to guide you through the Bible in one year.

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Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2022)
  • A Mother’s Faith; Mark 7-8

    Episode 1

    "Jesus Christ came to be among us in a unique and unusual way. He was born into a family of low influence, not having economic power or priestly respect. God’s plan was that His only begotten Son be born of a virgin through the Holy Spirit. He was fully man and fully God. As Jesus began His minis...

  • The Truth about Jesus; Mark 9-10

    Episode 2

    "There are many who feel that Jesus Christ was and is a fake. They believe that He lived and died, but that was the end of Him. His so-called resurrection and everything surrounding His name, His teaching and work, was all fictional or highly embellished and therefore, the Bible is a book of myth...

  • Theological Problems; Mark 11-12

    Episode 3

    "There is a big problem when theological questions about absolutes surface from theological leaders. When I say absolutes, I mean elements of the faith that do not and cannot change. Theology is the study of God, and God is always right even if we don't understand Him perfectly. When theological ...

  • The Last Supper; Mark 13-14

    Episode 4

    "One of the great practices that the LORD Jesus Christ left with us is the celebration of the Last Supper. In the West, we often call it Communion, but it is the first Lord’s Supper that is covered today in our reading of Mark 14. This symbolic action of Communion was instituted by the LORD Jesus...

  • The Death of Jesus Christ; Mark 15-16

    Episode 5

    "If you were to plan the death of God, what would it look like? Most would say that you can't kill God, so how could you plan His death? Yet, God Himself planned the death of Jesus Christ so that it would point to the weakness of man, the fall of sin, and the overcoming of that sin. God’s plan di...

  • A Great Display; Luke 5-6

    Episode 6

    "How would you begin to prove that God does not exist? What would you point to? Most people focus on all the terrible things happening in the world and blame God, conveniently letting the people doing these terrible things off the hook. The argument is that God would not let anything bad happen t...

  • John’s Doubt in Weakness; Luke 7-8

    Episode 7

    "John the Baptist was a great man called of God. Jesus spoke of him in a positive and powerful way. Jesus explained the importance of John’s ministry as the messenger ahead of Him and told the people, “For I say to you, among those born of women there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptis...

  • Who Is Jesus Christ?; Luke 9-10

    Episode 8

    "Since Jesus’ life is known about historically, the most important question to ask about His existence is was He the Christ? Many religions have concocted different ideas about Jesus Christ that point to a failure on His part to be the LORD. Through the years, many have taught that Jesus was anyt...

  • Demonic Authority; Luke 11-12

    Episode 9

    "The spiritual world is real. Authority in the spiritual world is real and affects the way we operate in the material world. In fact, many of the material things we see happening today are because the authority in the spiritual world has shifted. When people who are not truly Christians are in co...

  • God Heals On the Sabbath; Luke 12-15

    Episode 10

    "The Sabbath day is placed in Scripture by God from the beginning of creation (GEN. 2:3 ). Even before the Law of Moses was given (EXODUS 20, DEUT. 5 ), the Sabbath was established by God Himself so that man would learn to rest and give honour to the LORD: Six days of work and one day of Sabbath ...

  • A New Beginning; Luke 22-24

    Episode 11

    "The days of Jesus Christ physically being on Earth and ministering seems like ages ago. While 2,000 years is a lot of time to us, it is not to the LORD. The apostle Peter says that with the LORD one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like one day (2 Peter 3:8). Peter is not as...

  • John’s Testimony; John 1-2

    Episode 12

    "According to tradition, John’s gospel record was the last one written. His gospel differs from the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke in that over 90% of its material is unique. It is written with an evangelistic purpose and together with the Gospel of Matthew, John offers the most striking exam...

  • Jesus Above All; John 3-4

    Episode 13

    "God perfectly knows who we are, how we’re deficient, and what we need. AND, He loves and provides for us anyway! There is no question that we must deflate our egos in the presence of our God. Jesus must be recognized as infinitely greater than we are. It is the LORD who deserves our highest prai...

  • The Claims of Christ; John 5-6

    Episode 14

    "Jesus Christ made many claims when He was teaching. One of these bold claims was that He was LORD of the Sabbath and that He was greater than Moses through whom the law of God came. Moses even prophesied Christ’s coming and the new covenant. Jesus’ claims, however, did not go over well with the ...

  • Is Jesus the Christ?; John 7-8

    Episode 15

    "Jesus said and did many things to identify Himself as God. At times, He even spoke of His future and what the rulers and others would do to Him at the end of His life. He talked about His resurrection and the idea of eternal life. Many of the religious leaders were confused and outright enraged ...

  • The Seriousness of God; John 15-17

    Episode 16

    "If you look up the meaning of the word religion, you’ll likely get a definition that involves a set of beliefs about the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, a higher power, or powers, and how religion usually includes devotional and ritual observances along with a day-to-day moral code. ...

  • The Conviction of Christ; John 18-19

    Episode 17

    "During the trial of Jesus Christ, He was brought from the home of the high priest to the Praetorium to stand before the governing political ruler in Jerusalem. John witnessed and recorded this fascinating and ironic scene for us in which Pontius Pilate stands face to face with the God of Truth. ...

  • The Power of His Name; John 20-21

    Episode 18

    "Jesus, or ""Yeshua"" in Hebrew, means one who brings saving or salvation. The name Christ identifies Jesus’ role as Messiah, and it is used in English translated from Latin. Messiah in Hebrew means the anointed one or liberator of people. So, the name Jesus Christ can mean Salvation the Liberato...

  • The Failure of Judas; Acts 1-3

    Episode 19

    "Many have argued over the fate of Judas Iscariot. Some have claimed that because God
    orchestrates all things, and that His will is for salvation, then Judas must be in heaven.
    The proof is that the Bible records his remorse over betraying Jesus up to those who
    wanted Him killed. Others claim tha...

  • Of One Accord; Acts 4-5

    Episode 20

    "It is clear that the people of the early Church had a unique kind of joy and excitement. These people of the Way, or Christians, even gave what they had to provide for others (ACTS 4:32-37). The Scriptures tell us that they had all things in common. This was not to push some kind of agenda or es...

  • The Stirring of the Spirit; Acts 11-13

    Episode 21

    "No one can manipulate the Spirit of God. There will be those who try, but they will fail because the Holy Spirit is real and alive, He is active and moves in miraculous ways. When Peter was confined to prison by Herod who wanted him dead, the Spirit of God sent an angel to break open the prison ...