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Up Next in October, 2022

  • Demonic Authority; Luke 11-12

    "The spiritual world is real. Authority in the spiritual world is real and affects the way we operate in the material world. In fact, many of the material things we see happening today are because the authority in the spiritual world has shifted. When people who are not truly Christians are in co...

  • God Heals On the Sabbath; Luke 12-15

    "The Sabbath day is placed in Scripture by God from the beginning of creation (GEN. 2:3 ). Even before the Law of Moses was given (EXODUS 20, DEUT. 5 ), the Sabbath was established by God Himself so that man would learn to rest and give honour to the LORD: Six days of work and one day of Sabbath ...

  • A New Beginning; Luke 22-24

    "The days of Jesus Christ physically being on Earth and ministering seems like ages ago. While 2,000 years is a lot of time to us, it is not to the LORD. The apostle Peter says that with the LORD one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like one day (2 Peter 3:8). Peter is not as...