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Up Next in October, 2022

  • The Seriousness of God; John 15-17

    "If you look up the meaning of the word religion, you’ll likely get a definition that involves a set of beliefs about the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, a higher power, or powers, and how religion usually includes devotional and ritual observances along with a day-to-day moral code. ...

  • The Conviction of Christ; John 18-19

    "During the trial of Jesus Christ, He was brought from the home of the high priest to the Praetorium to stand before the governing political ruler in Jerusalem. John witnessed and recorded this fascinating and ironic scene for us in which Pontius Pilate stands face to face with the God of Truth. ...

  • The Power of His Name; John 20-21

    "Jesus, or ""Yeshua"" in Hebrew, means one who brings saving or salvation. The name Christ identifies Jesus’ role as Messiah, and it is used in English translated from Latin. Messiah in Hebrew means the anointed one or liberator of people. So, the name Jesus Christ can mean Salvation the Liberato...