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2/03 Wading Thunder Lizards

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1/27 Stewarding Creation

Season 9, Episode 4 • 35m

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  • 2/03 Wading Thunder Lizards

    A teacher gets creative; Earth's history may be rewritten...again; Dinosaurs thought to hand-stand; Franklin Graham discriminated against; Butterfly wings found to be complex; Rapid evolution not so evolutionary; Brazil promotes creationist; Babies feel pain . . . and more during today's episode ...

  • 2/13 Where’s All the Water?

    Astronauts bake space cookies; Church apologizes for biblical doctrine; NASA dries up the Earth; Humans are related; Gender clinic faces opposition; Sharks walk... kind of; Parents choose churches with children's programs; Researchers say complex processes are easy to miss . . . and more during ...

  • 2/24 “Lamech Took Two Wives”

    Hughes dies in rocket crash; Researchers recognize DNA complexity; HGTV showcases rebellion; Utah lawmakers try to decriminalize polygamy; Archaeologists discover fish in the desert; Devotees celebrate Darwin Day; Scientists question Neanderthal humanity . . . and more during today's episode of A...