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2/24 “Lamech Took Two Wives”

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2/13 Where’s All the Water?

Season 9, Episode 6 • 34m

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  • 2/24 “Lamech Took Two Wives”

    Hughes dies in rocket crash; Researchers recognize DNA complexity; HGTV showcases rebellion; Utah lawmakers try to decriminalize polygamy; Archaeologists discover fish in the desert; Devotees celebrate Darwin Day; Scientists question Neanderthal humanity . . . and more during today's episode of A...

  • 3/02 Scientists Accidentally See They...

    Scientists question Neanderthal humanity; Researchers confused by 10-celled animal; Lawmakers fail to protect babies; Teachers support X-rated indoctrination; Professor builds a pure diamond; Cosmochemist revises Earth's timeline; Judge discriminates against professor . . . and more during today'...

  • 3/09 Cartilage In Fossils?

    Birds ground plane; Earth was covered in water; Researchers discover marsupial lion; School officials remove Bible; Lawmakers ban boys in girl's sports; Scientists find more evidence for young Earth; Supreme Court to hear case on abortion; Franklin Graham fights discrimination . . . and more duri...