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Join our hosts for a look at culture and science news through the lens of a biblical worldview. Answers News is designed to help Christians think Biblically about what they hear and see in popular culture, pointing people back to the authority of God’s Word in every area of their lives.

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Answers News
  • 1/06 A Woman Has a Baby

    Episode 1

    Unscrambling headlines; a woman has a baby; abortion deaths; fossil bugs had brains; climate alarmist scares kids; puffins use sticks . . . and more during today's episode of Answers News, broadcast live from the Creation Museum.

  • 1/13 Sin Divides

    Episode 2

    Spider loves goldfish; Scientists discover human fossils; Church splits over sin; Small dino only a kid; Astronaut suggests invisible aliens; The night sky is changing; Woman fights to live; English becomes more confusing . . . and more during today's episode of Answers News, broadcast live from ...

  • 1/20 Atheist Indoctrination

    Episode 3

    Teen discovers planet. Further confusing English. Algorithms build frogbots. More bird fossils found. Atheist advocates converting creationists. California protects animals (not humans). Sin legalized in Northern Ireland. Ancient man liked seashells . . . and more during today's episode of Answer...

  • 1/27 Stewarding Creation

    Episode 4

    Firefighters steward creation; Ancient man collected seashells; More climate panic; Scientists pay women to conceive and abort; Plant and bat created together; Church relocates older members . . . and more during today's episode of Answers News, broadcast live from the Creation Museum.

  • 2/03 Wading Thunder Lizards

    Episode 5

    A teacher gets creative; Earth's history may be rewritten...again; Dinosaurs thought to hand-stand; Franklin Graham discriminated against; Butterfly wings found to be complex; Rapid evolution not so evolutionary; Brazil promotes creationist; Babies feel pain . . . and more during today's episode ...

  • 2/13 Where’s All the Water?

    Episode 6

    Astronauts bake space cookies; Church apologizes for biblical doctrine; NASA dries up the Earth; Humans are related; Gender clinic faces opposition; Sharks walk... kind of; Parents choose churches with children's programs; Researchers say complex processes are easy to miss . . . and more during ...

  • 2/24 “Lamech Took Two Wives”

    Episode 7

    Hughes dies in rocket crash; Researchers recognize DNA complexity; HGTV showcases rebellion; Utah lawmakers try to decriminalize polygamy; Archaeologists discover fish in the desert; Devotees celebrate Darwin Day; Scientists question Neanderthal humanity . . . and more during today's episode of A...

  • 3/02 Scientists Accidentally See They Were Wrong

    Episode 8

    Scientists question Neanderthal humanity; Researchers confused by 10-celled animal; Lawmakers fail to protect babies; Teachers support X-rated indoctrination; Professor builds a pure diamond; Cosmochemist revises Earth's timeline; Judge discriminates against professor . . . and more during today'...

  • 3/09 Cartilage In Fossils?

    Episode 9

    Birds ground plane; Earth was covered in water; Researchers discover marsupial lion; School officials remove Bible; Lawmakers ban boys in girl's sports; Scientists find more evidence for young Earth; Supreme Court to hear case on abortion; Franklin Graham fights discrimination . . . and more duri...

  • 3/16 In God We Trust

    Episode 10

    Love makes fearful people brave; Graham team challenges discrimination; Washington lawmakers force sex indoctrination; Evolutionists see evolution everywhere; Canadian Liberals criminalizing repentance; Totani expects aliens . . . and more during today's episode of Answers News, broadcast live fr...

  • 3/23 Canada Bans Conversion Therapy

    Episode 11

    Canadian minors gain freedom for sex change; Supreme Court receives an opportunity to restore plurality; Extraterrestrials are almost guaranteed; 23_ hour days; Abortions considered "essential" . . . and more during today's episode of Answers News, broadcast live from the Creation Museum.

  • 3/30 Exclusive: Astronomy with Dr. Faulkner

    Episode 12

    Broadcasting live from the Creation Museum with Dr. Danny Faulkner

    Articles discussed during today's broadcast: