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Join our hosts for a look at culture and science news through the lens of a biblical worldview. Answers News is designed to help Christians think Biblically about what they hear and see in popular culture, pointing people back to the authority of God’s Word in every area of their lives.

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Answers News
  • 4/05 Who Speaks for Women?

    Episode 1

    Child posts to US Strategic Command's Twitter account; Musician flaunting satanic rebellion sells and trends; Women respond to President's comment about women; Genetic engineers claim whitefly BtPMaT1 came from plants; Paleobiologists double their age for extinct tiger sharks; Ohio professor wins...

  • 4/07 Appendix: Who Needs It?

    Episode 2

    US church membership falls below majority for first time; Archbishop Charles Chaput warns of demise of religious freedom in US; So we do need an appendix; Woke church asserts Mohammed as a prophet; Photosynthesis could be as old as life itself; Radical feminists protest World Down Syndrome Day wi...

  • 4/12 Can We Save Ourselves?

    Saturn's moons proclaim Jesus' majestic power; Heidelberg evolutionists wants to change cephelod timeline by 30 million years; Reverend senetor tweets and deletes; Another story about gene transfer smells fishy; Alberta authorities fence off church property and use police to prevent assembly; St...

  • 4/14 Did Eve Eat an Apple?

    Ten-foot gator hides under a parked car in a Florida apartment complex; Population control wipes out children on a Korean island; Professor asks God to help her hate white people; Scientists, at a scientific conference, warn other scientists not to let science control the narrative; Genetic engin...