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6/14 Does the Burgess Shale Cry Out?

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6/09 Does Pride Tolerate Dissent?

Season 14, Episode 19

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  • 6/14 Does the Burgess Shale Cry Out?

    FDA warns people allergic to shrimp to not eat cicadas; Abortion advocates prove intolerant of pro-life sign; Mud flow research challenges settled dogma for evolution's sacred site; Primatologist Jane Goodall rejects naturalism as a worldview; Australians argue over legalizing assisted suicide; C...

  • 6/16 Do Dinosaurs Refute God?

    Trending sidewalk girl hints at loss of perspective; Biologists freeze and thaw rotifers; Alberta Judge Shaigec says freedom of religion is subject to reasonable limitations; Blum urges intolerance in the Jerusalem Post; Scottish teachers’ union hosts play portraying Jesus as a transgender woman...

  • 6/21 Will UFOs Save Evolution?

    Whale gulps down then spits out fisherman; Gallup reports abortion survey results; Researcher challenges hype around declassified Unidentified Aerial Phenomena data; NYC Public Transit posts threatening signs; Edinburgh city council pays £25,000 fine for unlawfully canceling Christian conference;...