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6/23 Is It Evil to Steal?

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  • 6/23 Is It Evil to Steal?

    Honest man returns water tower accidentally sold by city; Hungarian parliament outlaws LGBTQIA+ indoctrination of children; Biochemists examining shape-changing polymerase end up challenging a central dogma in biology; Additional fossils force reclassification of "dino-bird" skull; CBS news team...

  • 6/28 What Does Disney Teach?

    Seifi invents straw to cure hiccups; Disney broadcasts their “Pride Celebration Spectacular” for kids; Chinese researchers unveil "dragon man" skull; Queer authors publish children's book about abortion; Egyptian farmer unearths 2,600 year-old stone tablet; Evolutionists mutate mice to reduce pur...

  • 6/30 Did Archeologists Find Terah?

    Woman warns neighbors with purrfect sign; Geologists claim dating methods reveal a non-random pattern for catastrophes; Sesame Street puppets promote pride; Archeologists think Terru of Urkesh may be Abraham's father Terah of Ur; Australian Senate opposes Critical Race Theory (CRT) and calls it ...