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  • 4/05 Who Speaks for Women?

    Episode 1

    Child posts to US Strategic Command's Twitter account; Musician flaunting satanic rebellion sells and trends; Women respond to President's comment about women; Genetic engineers claim whitefly BtPMaT1 came from plants; Paleobiologists double their age for extinct tiger sharks; Ohio professor wins...

  • 4/07 Who Needs Their Appendix?

    Episode 2

    US church membership falls below majority for first time; Archbishop Charles Chaput warns of demise of religious freedom in US; So we do need an appendix; Woke church asserts Mohammed as a prophet; Photosynthesis could be as old as life itself; Radical feminists protest World Down Syndrome Day wi...

  • 4/12 Can We Save Ourselves?

    Episode 3

    Saturn's moons proclaim Jesus' majestic power; Heidelberg evolutionists wants to change cephelod timeline by 30 million years; Reverend senetor tweets and deletes; Another story about gene transfer smells fishy; Alberta authorities fence off church property and use police to prevent assembly; St...

  • 4/14 Did Eve Eat an Apple?

    Episode 4

    Ten-foot gator hides under a parked car in a Florida apartment complex; Population control wipes out children on a Korean island; Professor asks God to help her hate white people; Scientists, at a scientific conference, warn other scientists not to let science control the narrative; Genetic engin...

  • 4/19 Will They Like Us if We Lie?

    Episode 5

    California chain offers burgers to customers who get branded tattoos; UK politician apologizes for visiting church; Arkansas bans gender transition procedures for minors; Evolutionary anthropologists speculate about empty skulls; Fossilized beach from Matalascañas includes footprints of human chi...

  • 4/21 Do We Get to Define Reality?

    Episode 6

    Nuro robots deliver pizza in Houston; Hanson identifies ten new rules changing America; British botanists admit rapid variation of foxgloves; Teacher exposes communist indoctrination in New York school; Berkeley researchers want to harness tailocins as targeted antibiotics; Unchanged microbe, Can...

  • 4/26 Are Minority Babies Targeted?

    Episode 7

    Cat protests gender pronouns; Gar fish biology reduces time available for evolution; Humanists punish Dawkins for challenging group-think; Woke CEO admits racism of Planned Parenthood's founder; Most abortions kill minority children; Evolutionists admit five tyrannosaurs died together in a single...

  • 4/28 Who Is Paying for Baby Parts?

    Episode 8

    Unknown creature filmed in backyard; Woke activist complains about dog cartoon; Xavier Becerra aborts Ethics Advisory Board that limited research on fetuses; report documents US government buying and trafficking parts from aborted babies; Evolutionists stoke their fears of man-made climate catast...

  • 5/03 Are Fears Preventing Families?

    Episode 9

    Sign war breaks out in Virginia town; Iranian programs beetle algorithm that solves engineering problems; Climate alarmists hesitate to have children; Koonin reveals why climate science is unsettled; Coffee plant variant productive in more climates; Media anticipates summer release of UFO report...

  • 5/05 Who Says There Are Six Sexes?

    Episode 10

    Bee: Nuggets feature dinosaurs and humans together; Debates continue over the age of the universe; Harvard graduate insists there are six sexes; Team announces CRISPRon and CRISPRoff that can alter epigenetics; Researchers create oxygen simulations to guess the motives of dead people; Biden asks ...

  • 5/10 Who Hates Whom?

    Episode 11

    Navel-gazing science considers belly buttons; Finnish Prosecutor General accuses Christians of intolerance, contempt and hatred; Finnish PG also charges pastor for publishing book in 2004 that violates law passed in 2017; Facebook bans LifeSiteNews; Author appeals to experts and huge spans of tim...

  • 5/12 Should Skin Tone Limit Adoption?

    Episode 12

    Four boys, five girls, and new mother, Halima Cisse, are doing well; Large US adoption agency says placing black children with white parents is racist; More hospitals succeed with in utero surgeries; Grizzlies and polar bears are cross-breeding in the wild; New barite dating method may upset evol...

  • 5/17 Does the Bible Define Bishop?

    Episode 13

    French cave-dwellers emerge after 40 days; ELCA elects woman who insists she is not a woman to serve as bishop; Chaplain sues Christian school that fired him for insensitivity to gender identity and sexual orientation; Neuroscientists admit evolutionary assumptions inhibited study of cerebellum; ...

  • 5/19 Who Hears Our Prayers?

    Episode 14

    Fake box experiment works on cats; University seeks to reduce whiteness and Eurocentrism in science; Disney runs internal campaign against white privilege and organizes racially segregated affinity groups; Microbiology paper claims to see fungus on Mars; Owl dinosaur headline sensationalizes the ...

  • 5/24 Will Killing Increase Happiness?

    Episode 15

    Stone arch named after Darwin collapses in front of tourists; Indiana court dismisses fired teacher's lawsuit against Catholic school; Baylor university chooses conformity over courage; Palaeoecologists admit to finding another living fossil; Dawkins says aborting blind, deaf, and Down syndrome b...

  • 5/26 Can a Man Be Pregnant?

    Episode 16

    Neuroengineers improve brain-to-computer interface; Sedimentologist assumes timing of Wyoming footprints; Activists want little league coaches to advocate critical race theory; UCLA PhD student researched the noises animals make when they play; Advocate for atheism insists Ken is wrong, before ag...

  • 6/02 Do Fewer Millennials Know God?

    Episode 17

    Dad invents germ-free way to blow out candles; Archeologists try to fit tropical Sulawesi into story of evolution; Canadians kill 24,000 people in first five years of legal euthanasia; Researchers use fake sounds and multiple choice to speculate about evolution of language; Over 40% of millennial...

  • 6/07 Can We Choose Our Behavior?

    Episode 18

    Video shows one seagull air-surfing on another; Evolutionists design Hadron Collider QGP experiment to prop up Big Bang story; Professor argues homosexuals don't choose their behavior, therefore straight people should choose better behavior; Swedish Lutheran organization declares loyalty to LGBTQ...

  • 6/09 Does Pride Tolerate Dissent?

    Episode 19

    Kids pester bus hijacker till he sets them free; Pollsters shocked that 40% of Americans choose biblical rather than evolutionary timeframes for dinosaurs; Biden celebrates that 14% of his appointees identify as LGBTQIA+; Ontario adoption officials reject Christian family that disagreed with gend...

  • 6/14 Does the Burgess Shale Cry Out?

    Episode 20

    FDA warns people allergic to shrimp to not eat cicadas; Abortion advocates prove intolerant of pro-life sign; Mud flow research challenges settled dogma for evolution's sacred site; Primatologist Jane Goodall rejects naturalism as a worldview; Australians argue over legalizing assisted suicide; C...

  • 6/16 Do Dinosaurs Refute God?

    Episode 21

    Trending sidewalk girl hints at loss of perspective; Biologists freeze and thaw rotifers; Alberta Judge Shaigec says freedom of religion is subject to reasonable limitations; Blum urges intolerance in the Jerusalem Post; Scottish teachers’ union hosts play portraying Jesus as a transgender woman...

  • 6/21 Will UFOs Save Evolution?

    Episode 22

    Whale gulps down then spits out fisherman; Gallup reports abortion survey results; Researcher challenges hype around declassified Unidentified Aerial Phenomena data; NYC Public Transit posts threatening signs; Edinburgh city council pays £25,000 fine for unlawfully canceling Christian conference;...

  • 6/23 Is It Evil to Steal?

    Episode 23

    Honest man returns water tower accidentally sold by city; Hungarian parliament outlaws LGBTQIA+ indoctrination of children; Biochemists examining shape-changing polymerase end up challenging a central dogma in biology; Additional fossils force reclassification of "dino-bird" skull; CBS news team...

  • 6/28 What Does Disney Teach?

    Episode 24

    Seifi invents straw to cure hiccups; Disney broadcasts their “Pride Celebration Spectacular” for kids; Chinese researchers unveil "dragon man" skull; Queer authors publish children's book about abortion; Egyptian farmer unearths 2,600 year-old stone tablet; Evolutionists mutate mice to reduce pur...