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5/03 Are Fears Preventing Families?

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4/28 Who Is Paying for Baby Parts?

Season 14, Episode 8

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  • 5/03 Are Fears Preventing Families?

    Sign war breaks out in Virginia town; Iranian programs beetle algorithm that solves engineering problems; Climate alarmists hesitate to have children; Koonin reveals why climate science is unsettled; Coffee plant variant productive in more climates; Media anticipates summer release of UFO report...

  • 5/05 Who Says There Are Six Sexes?

    Bee: Nuggets feature dinosaurs and humans together; Debates continue over the age of the universe; Harvard graduate insists there are six sexes; Team announces CRISPRon and CRISPRoff that can alter epigenetics; Researchers create oxygen simulations to guess the motives of dead people; Biden asks ...

  • 5/10 Who Hates Whom?

    Navel-gazing science considers belly buttons; Finnish Prosecutor General accuses Christians of intolerance, contempt and hatred; Finnish PG also charges pastor for publishing book in 2004 that violates law passed in 2017; Facebook bans LifeSiteNews; Author appeals to experts and huge spans of tim...