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Join our hosts for a look at culture and science news through the lens of a biblical worldview. Answers News is designed to help Christians think Biblically about what they hear and see in popular culture, pointing people back to the authority of God’s Word in every area of their lives.

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Answers News
  • God's Handiwork: Complex Fungi

    Episode 1

    Woods road-trip will break record; CBC indoctrinates children; Plants trade resources with fungi; Researcher publish just-so stories about broken rocks and ancient man; PTA president performs in drag at primary school; Evolutionists change cell origin story again . . . . and more during today's e...

  • Destroying Beauty

    Episode 2

    Scientist mistakes dog breeding for evolution; Writer uses Noah's Ark headline to market sea urchin research; Medical business recommends cheap abortion instead of expensive spinal surgery; Candidate wants to keep pro-life people out of government; Professor Trapp proposes "relatively simple" way...

  • Opposites Attract?!?

    Episode 3

    Corsican cat-fox is a cat; Pakistani politician is not a cat; Dead woman kills dog; Authors insist male/female attraction is dehumanizing; Science editor thinks smartphone users look down more than book readers; Drag queen teaches church kids; Bacteria more complicated than evolutionists expected...

  • Attack of the Fluid Tomatoes

    Episode 4

    Stripes keep zebras cool; Test shows variations within bear kind; Redlichia rex was a big trilobite; Dungowan bush tomato refuses to comment on gender debate; Narwhals and belugas together again; Breast-feeding bacteria benefit babies . . . . and more during today's episode of Answers News, broad...

  • Is God a She?

    Episode 5

    Mayflies detected on radar; Florist punished by Washington named Best for 2019; Pastor expelled over marriage; Bishop declares God is female; Scientists discover how plants breathe; NASA to search for life's beginnings; Mother saves twins; "Evolutionary" event caused by plate tectonics . . . . an...

  • Mammals and Dinosaurs Together?

    Episode 6

    Mammals thrived with dinosaurs; Cat survives wash cycle; Library cancels LGBTQ prom; Librarians lead children into sin; Octopi think with their arms; Maryland punishes school over beliefs; Ancient crocodiles discovered to eat plants; Humans are the only fat primates . . . . and more during today'...

  • My Beloved is Mine

    Episode 7

    Fat primate stories; Sleepy zebrafish stories; Evolution for moody teenagers; Plants have no feelings; Pro-death threats; Psychologists redefine marriage (again) . . . and more during today's episode of Answers News, broadcast live from the Creation Museum.

  • Consider the Lillies

    Episode 8

    Tyrannosaurs race; Attenborough urges climate of population control; Reefs move; Lily fossil looks familiar . . . and more during today's episode of Answers News, broadcast live from the Creation Museum.

  • Microraptor Munched on New Species

    Episode 9

    Festival prices based on shade; New lizard found inside dinosaur; AI translates ancient languages; Climate despair; University intolerant of Christians; Planned Parenthood rejects some federal funding . . . And more during today's episode of Answers News broadcast live from the Creation Museum.

  • Students Imitate Teachers

    Episode 10

    Library excludes Christian volunteers; Teachers union declares pro-lifers hate women; Tasmanian church tells hospitals suicide is OK; Orangutan females scratch to summon their offspring; Astronomers find more ways to disagree about distances . . . and more during today's episode of Answers News b...