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Join our hosts for a look at culture and science news through the lens of a biblical worldview. Answers News is designed to help Christians think Biblically about what they hear and see in popular culture, pointing people back to the authority of God’s Word in every area of their lives.

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  • 1/04 Are Animals People?

    Episode 1

    Thai researcher converts feathers into food; School district pays $187K to atheists harmed by graduation prayer; Botanists declare Madagascar flower is ugliest orchid; Appeals court rejects Nonhuman Rights Project lawsuit; NY Times promotes paganized Messiah; New UK Police program allows people t...

  • 1/06 How Old Is Old Ice?

    Episode 2

    Divers record octopus punching fish; Scientists reinforce each other's assumptions about mummified wolf pup; Botanists find unknown plant in Hawaii; Dogma drives quest for and interpretation of ancient ice; Massachusetts Democrats override pro-choice Governor's veto so that 16 year-old girls can ...

  • 1/11 Will Utopians Build Equiterra?

    Episode 3

    Australians play in snake-infested sea foam; Pennsylvania Health Department publishes guidelines for sinning; Evolutionists try another way to accidentally produce life from chemistry; Paleoanthropologists resist evidence that Neanderthals were human; True-believers want to re-classify minerals a...

  • 1/13 Should Meeting Be Criminal?

    Episode 4

    Livescience lists medical oddities from 2020; "Awoman" congressman prayed to Brahma; Democrats continue using the words their new rules prohibit; Geneticists find identical twins may not have identical DNA; Astrophysicists continue to debate the age of the universe; Scottish politicians issue mo...

  • 1/18 What Makes a Platypus?

    Episode 5

    Unfamiliar creatures from hidden corners of creation; UK activists wants national database of race offenders; University of Florida Anthropology Department excludes students based on skin color; Biologists map a platypus genome, then assume evolution made it; Chemists hope diamidophosphate (DAP) ...

  • 1/20 Do Sliced Fossils Help Evolution?

    Episode 6

    Man trains fish to play soccer; Vegas school suspends senior who objects to being labeled as a oppressor; Evolutionists slice Namacalathus fossils hoping to solve the Cambrian explosion; Museums compare scans of wolf and Tasmanian tiger skulls; NY Times argues lockdowns help reach Paris climate g...

  • 1/25 Does Science Produce Liberty?

    Episode 7

    Toronto blogger records knife-wielding squirrel; The Human Rights Campaign wants Christian colleges to comply; Evolutionists speculate about dinosaur behavior based on burial location; 4,761 Christians known to be martyred in 2020; Conservationists plan to implant embryos in white rhinos; Biologi...

  • 1/27 Can Chance Build a Lungfish?

    Episode 8

    Car thief threatens to call police; Researchers find lungfish genome is 14 times larger than human genome; NY Times recommends spiritual companions; Evodevo biologists intentionally delete part of existing genome in quest to prove accidental origins of all genomes; Planned Parenthood CEO wants to...

  • 2/01 When Is Consensus Scientific?

    Episode 9

    French courts refuse to admit woman is alive; Historian points out dogmatic blind spots of scientists in the past without considering dogmatic blind spots of scientists in the present; British education minister punishes private Jewish school for teaching creation over evolution; Evolutionists tr...

  • 2/03 Did God Say Be Fruitful?

    Episode 10

    Quads give parents nine children under nine years old; Livescience offers free dating indoctrination; Atheists find meaning being their own gods; Birth rates plummet during 2020 lockdowns; UC professor claims good is evil; Evolutionists conclude that dead plants must be 100 million years older; P...

  • 2/08 Are We Speciesists Or Stewards?

    Episode 11

    Chick-Fil-A manager helps small South Carolina town distribute vaccines; Researchers base guess about undiscovered eggs on tiny jawbone; Snakes show undocumented climbing ability; PETA decries supremacist language; Naturalists like story about thumb evolution; Democrats send tax money to fund abo...

  • 2/10 Why Did Headlines Say Life on Venus?

    Episode 12

    Bee mocks self-righteous media; Twitter blocks Focus on the Family for hate; ACLU insists 2+2=5; Astronomers revisit the radio telescope observations behind proclaimed phosphine on Venus; Danish leaders consider law requiring preachers to submit printed sermons to government; Evolutionists contin...

  • 2/15 Do Good and Evil Change?

    Episode 13

    Old news about spinach experiment trends on social media; Biden sends tax dollars to international population control; Frisco school board keeps schools closed but votes to change all the racist names; Evolutionists insist Parasaurolophus skull supports their dogma; Harvard astronomer proclaims a...

  • 2/17 Who Needs Living Fossils to Evolve?

    Episode 14

    Lawyer appears in court as kitten; Harvard biologists claim to know how fins became limbs; Evolutionists hope jumping genes will hide their shame over living fossils; Snopes publishes non-fact-checked article claiming creationists are dangerous; Hospital maternity ward requires non-scientific lan...

  • 2/22 Which God Gives Us Life?

    Episode 15

    104-year-old Lucio Caicedo completes his Ph.D. during lockdown; Oxford biologist seeks robot code in spider legs; Ornithologists studying starling genetics find rapid variation that their evolutionary worldview did not predict; Genetic engineers want to assist evolution; Virginia lawmakers remove...

  • 2/24 Will Mars Prove Evolution?

    Episode 16

    Dead man bequeaths five million dollars to his dog; UK writers try to protect Darwin's ideas from cancel culture; Instead of paying publishers, Facebook bans all Australian media; Unexpected sponges found below Antarctic ice; Popular preacher says he's sorry for offending LGBTQIA+ activists; Evol...

  • 3/01 Who Sees Racist Babies?

    Episode 17

    Embroidered gift for blind father goes viral; Paleoanthropologists publish their uncertainty; Harvard profs use statistics and simulations to multiply asteroid impacts on earth ten fold; Researchers compare elite women athletes to men and boys; Naturalists use europium measurements in zircon crys...

  • 3/03 What Makes a False Teacher?

    Episode 18

    Man builds an ice bike; Professor tries to program chatbot AI to decode whale songs; ADF reviews consequences of "Equality" law; British police retreat from statement that being offensive is illegal; Researchers make claims about uncertain dates from partial DNA recovered from broken teeth; Cosmo...

  • 3/08 Why Is Confusion Popular?

    Episode 19

    Toddler tries to call 911 on Dad's locked phone; California law makers bring back fines for retailers who dare to sell "boys" and "girls" toys; Gallup poll shows massive increase in young Americans identifying as neither male nor female; Researchers tracking movements of yellow slime molds claim ...

  • 3/10 Does the Pope Trump the Bible?

    Episode 20

    Team returns wallet to owner who lost it in Antarctica 53 years ago; Bethany agrees to place orphans with LGBTQIA+ adults; Daily Beast responds to our Lucy display; New Mexico politicians repeal abortion ban and conscience protections for hospitals and healthcare workers; Roman Catholic Pope says...

  • 3/15 How Does God Purify His People?

    Episode 21

    Seventy-year-old albatross hatches another chick; Evolutionists begrudgingly admit Neanderthal ears were just like modern humans; Pastor MacArthur says 2020 reduced frivolous religion; Former advocate for feminism now warns about the crisis of fatherlessness; Evolutionists try to show how tRNA co...

  • 3/17 Jesus Is a Racist, Says Who?

    Episode 22

    Men demonstrate accuracy and power of ancient slingshots; Anthropologists find humans and apes process water differently . . . so evolution; NY Times says social influencers are the new televangelists; Unqualified preacher claims Jesus was racist; Archeologists recover more Bible fragments from a...

  • 3/22 Do Tolerant People Purge Dissent?

    Episode 23

    Literature teacher returns book to library 63 years overdue; Evolutionists use different teeth to repeat their dogma; California teachers propose ethnic chanting to Aztec gods; Intolerants demand American Medical Association sacrifice a doctor to their outrage; Epigeneticists use semantics to byp...

  • 3/24 - Fake Mouse Wombs - Good or Evil?

    Episode 24

    Columbia College hosts six different CRT-based graduation ceremonies; Bloodsucking fish fossils challenge evolutionary dogma; Researchers create artificial mouse wombs; Ancient Greenland plants point to warmer climate in upper northern hemisphere; Neanderthals made art; NYC private schools prefer...