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1/20 Do Sliced Fossils Help Evolution?

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1/18 What Makes a Platypus?

Season 13, Episode 5

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  • 1/20 Do Sliced Fossils Help Evolution?

    Man trains fish to play soccer; Vegas school suspends senior who objects to being labeled as a oppressor; Evolutionists slice Namacalathus fossils hoping to solve the Cambrian explosion; Museums compare scans of wolf and Tasmanian tiger skulls; NY Times argues lockdowns help reach Paris climate g...

  • 1/25 Does Science Produce Liberty?

    Toronto blogger records knife-wielding squirrel; The Human Rights Campaign wants Christian colleges to comply; Evolutionists speculate about dinosaur behavior based on burial location; 4,761 Christians known to be martyred in 2020; Conservationists plan to implant embryos in white rhinos; Biologi...

  • 1/27 Can Chance Build a Lungfish?

    Car thief threatens to call police; Researchers find lungfish genome is 14 times larger than human genome; NY Times recommends spiritual companions; Evodevo biologists intentionally delete part of existing genome in quest to prove accidental origins of all genomes; Planned Parenthood CEO wants to...