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3/15 How Does God Purify His People?

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3/10 Does the Pope Trump the Bible?

Season 13, Episode 20

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  • 3/15 How Does God Purify His People?

    Seventy-year-old albatross hatches another chick; Evolutionists begrudgingly admit Neanderthal ears were just like modern humans; Pastor MacArthur says 2020 reduced frivolous religion; Former advocate for feminism now warns about the crisis of fatherlessness; Evolutionists try to show how tRNA co...

  • 3/17 Jesus Is a Racist, Says Who?

    Men demonstrate accuracy and power of ancient slingshots; Anthropologists find humans and apes process water differently . . . so evolution; NY Times says social influencers are the new televangelists; Unqualified preacher claims Jesus was racist; Archeologists recover more Bible fragments from a...

  • 3/22 Do Tolerant People Purge Dissent?

    Literature teacher returns book to library 63 years overdue; Evolutionists use different teeth to repeat their dogma; California teachers propose ethnic chanting to Aztec gods; Intolerants demand American Medical Association sacrifice a doctor to their outrage; Epigeneticists use semantics to byp...