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2/10 Why Did Headlines Say Life on Venus?

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2/08 Are We Speciesists Or Stewards?

Season 13, Episode 11

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  • 2/10 Why Did Headlines Say Life on Ve...

    Bee mocks self-righteous media; Twitter blocks Focus on the Family for hate; ACLU insists 2+2=5; Astronomers revisit the radio telescope observations behind proclaimed phosphine on Venus; Danish leaders consider law requiring preachers to submit printed sermons to government; Evolutionists contin...

  • 2/15 Do Good and Evil Change?

    Old news about spinach experiment trends on social media; Biden sends tax dollars to international population control; Frisco school board keeps schools closed but votes to change all the racist names; Evolutionists insist Parasaurolophus skull supports their dogma; Harvard astronomer proclaims a...

  • 2/17 Who Needs Living Fossils to Evolve?

    Lawyer appears in court as kitten; Harvard biologists claim to know how fins became limbs; Evolutionists hope jumping genes will hide their shame over living fossils; Snopes publishes non-fact-checked article claiming creationists are dangerous; Hospital maternity ward requires non-scientific lan...