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Up Next in March 2024

  • The New Kingdom; 1 Kings 1-3

    "King David's time on earth was coming to an end, yet he had failed to publicly declare the next king. Absalom’s younger brother Adonijah, son of David and Haggith, was next in line to the throne and declared himself king without David’s permission. But God said He would establish his kingdom thr...

  • Solomon's Magnificence;1 Kings 4-7

    "The Bible tells us that Solomon was an amazing architect. Everything he built was magnificent! The work that he did throughout the kingdom of Israel was unprecedented. Solomon was an extravagant king. But extravagance is not the way to gain the favour of God. There is nothing wrong with building...

  • Solomon's Fall; 1 Kings 8-10

    "King Solomon reigned in the golden age of Israel. The nation became wealthy and powerful under his leadership, but he became distracted and worshipped other gods. He was steered off course by his wives, because in ancient royal marriages the husband swears allegiance to the wife’s religion, and ...