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The Search for Scientific Evidence

Season 1, Episode 5

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  • Removing God from the Equation

    For many people, the story of evolution removes God from the equation of life, concluding if there is a naturalistic, scientific way to account for the universe and everything in it, then God’s law is irrelevant. However, if we are simply evolved animals, how does morality apply at all? If “Thou ...

  • Regaining God's Image

    Racist ideology, lack of compassion for the elderly, infirm, and unborn- and dissolution of traditional marriage, family, and human identity are rooted in an evolutionary interpretation of human anthropology. Humanity has grown comfortable seeing mankind as a civilized animal with bestial roots t...

  • Freakshow - Trailer 1

    To the general public of the 18 and early 1900s, traveling circuses provided hours of amusement. However, such shows featured many bizarre spectacles, the most grotesque being the sadly misnamed freak shows. Many people involved were exploited- depicted as evolutionary missing links- not created...