7 Episodes

To the general public of the 18 and early 1900s, traveling circuses provided hours of amusement. However, such shows featured many bizarre spectacles, the most grotesque being the sadly misnamed freak shows. Many people involved were exploited- depicted as evolutionary missing links- not created in the image of God. Eventually, concepts of scientific racism- resulting in barbaric ideologies like the eugenics movement and resultant horrors of the Holocaust and other genocides- emanated from these evolutionary ideas. Many have sought to understand why systemic racist ideas persist- and yet the answer is taught as ‘fact and science’ to this day- all in opposition to the plain reading of the Bible.

  • S1E1 Freakshow: Evolution in Entertainment

    Episode 1

    In the 1800s and early 1900s, traveling circuses provided hours of amusement for attendees. But there was a dark side to many- specifically- the sadly misnamed freak show. Most exhibited were the unfortunate victims of medical conditions that lead to de-humanizing exploitation- the most negativel...

  • S1E2 Freakshow: Tragic Tales of Evolutionary Exploitation

    Episode 2

    Portrayals as ‘missing links’ took a fearful toll on many unfortunate people involved in the human Freak Show industry. As evolutionary ideas grew among the scientific community, naturalistic ideas of man’s origins were disseminated among the general public through such exhibits. Once popularized...

  • S1E3 Freakshow: Fueling the Fire of "Scientific" Racism

    Episode 3

    The demeaning exploitation of people as sideshow freaks helped propagate a much more insidious belief which gained steam and became normalized in Western society—the belief in scientific racism. Darwin’s publications catalyzed scientific racism into mainstream acceptance, justifying the belief th...

  • S1E4 Freakshow: The Holocaust before the Holocaust

    Episode 4

    The Herero genocide was a systematic campaign of racial extermination that included the use of concentration camps and medical experimentation and is considered the first genocide of the 20th century. Belief in Darwin’s missing links led directly to belief in Darwin’s law of survival of the fitte...

  • S1E5 Freakshow: The Search for Scientific Evidence

    Episode 5

    From its inception, the scientific proofs offered to support human evolution have been riddled with holes. In fact, just like the dubious side-show examples touted by circus shysters, many of the earliest proofs were fraudulent, and modern research shows that many proofs were driven by scientific...

  • S1E6 Freakshow: Removing God from the Equation

    Episode 6

    For many people, the story of evolution removes God from the equation of life, concluding if there is a naturalistic, scientific way to account for the universe and everything in it, then God’s law is irrelevant. However, if we are simply evolved animals, how does morality apply at all? If “Thou ...

  • S1E7 Freakshow: Regaining God's Image

    Episode 7

    Racist ideology, lack of compassion for the elderly, infirm, and unborn- and dissolution of traditional marriage, family, and human identity are rooted in an evolutionary interpretation of human anthropology. Humanity has grown comfortable seeing mankind as a civilized animal with bestial roots t...