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10/07 Shall We Imitate Frogs?

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10/05 Overpopulation Theory Is Evil

Season 12, Episode 1

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  • 10/07 Shall We Imitate Frogs?

    Gucci sells dress for men; Cornell biologists study unusual frog breeding habits; California politicians legislate male prisoners into women's prisons; Church of Iceland reimagines Jesus as transgender; Archaeologists find human footprint fossils that don't fit their evolutionary assumptions; Ame...

  • 10/12 Whose Words Win?

    Earl voted fattest bear in Katmai; Another judge rules in favor of Christian adoption; Clinton says youth leave judgmental, alienating churches; Researchers examine museum collections and find evidence that contradicts popular adaptive radiation theory; Zurich evolutionists admit to rapid plant s...

  • 10/14 Gems Can Grow Fast

    Oklahoma DA charges guards who forced inmates to listen to Baby Shark; Socialist commentators recommend governments enforce climate lockdowns; Texas manatee bones indicate warmer coastal waters than ice age models expect; Complete Bible now available in more than 700 languages; Macron announces h...