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Join our hosts for a look at culture and science news through the lens of a biblical worldview. Answers News is designed to help Christians think Biblically about what they hear and see in popular culture, pointing people back to the authority of God’s Word in every area of their lives.

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  • 10/05 Overpopulation Theory Is Evil

    Episode 1

    Christians assemble in DC to repent and intercede; Scientist corrects dinosaur feather mistake; HBO celebrates abortion in new comedy; World Population Balance insists people are consumers, resources are limited, and God is not involved; Professors meet in Zoom to change cancer evolution models; ...

  • 10/07 Shall We Imitate Frogs?

    Episode 2

    Gucci sells dress for men; Cornell biologists study unusual frog breeding habits; California politicians legislate male prisoners into women's prisons; Church of Iceland reimagines Jesus as transgender; Archaeologists find human footprint fossils that don't fit their evolutionary assumptions; Ame...

  • 10/12 Whose Words Win?

    Episode 3

    Earl voted fattest bear in Katmai; Another judge rules in favor of Christian adoption; Clinton says youth leave judgmental, alienating churches; Researchers examine museum collections and find evidence that contradicts popular adaptive radiation theory; Zurich evolutionists admit to rapid plant s...

  • 10/14 Gems Can Grow Fast

    Episode 4

    Oklahoma DA charges guards who forced inmates to listen to Baby Shark; Socialist commentators recommend governments enforce climate lockdowns; Texas manatee bones indicate warmer coastal waters than ice age models expect; Complete Bible now available in more than 700 languages; Macron announces h...

  • 10/19 “Conversion Therapy Bans” Attack Christian Teaching

    Episode 5

    Mission Aviation Fellowship delivers 2,500 Bibles to former missionary murderers; Texas indicts Netflix over “Cuties" film; Satanic Temple sues ad company for abortion ritual free speech; Pastor claims earth is a disposable planet; Merriam-Webster dictionary changes definition of "sexual preferen...

  • 10/21 Change Body or Change Feelings?

    Episode 6

    Gene mutation reduces sense of smell; SCOTUS delays ruling on abortion by mail; Court rules Minnesota schools must allow boys-claiming-to-be-female into girls’ locker rooms; Adults who were chemically and surgically altered as kids file lawsuits for harm; Anti-creationists search for plausible ch...

  • 10/26 Venus Headlines

    Episode 7

    People produce pink pineapples; Planned Parenthood leaks racism; Astronomers contradict media stories about life on Venus; Pope says God makes people gay and governments should legalize gay families; Wikipedia forbids editors from advocating Christian marriage; Biologists study beetle exoskeleton...

  • 10/28 Isolated Teen Disciples

    Episode 8

    Masked intruders break into bank to steal cookies; Pollster concerned pandemic is accelerating young people's disconnect from church; Headline asks if Jesus was a magician though article admits he was not; Smithsonian views imaginary past through lens of climate change; Musicians worship abortion...

  • 11/02 Polish Court Ruling

    Episode 9

    ViaGen clones pets (even cats!); Polish court applies human rights to unborn people; CNN denounces USA as repressive for supporting Geneva Consensus Declaration; Evolutionary biologists hope horizontal gene transfer can bend their rules; Poll reports increased rejection of Biblical womanhood; Nor...

  • 11/04 Dino-Bird Dead End

    Episode 10

    Pufferfish sculpt the seafloor, atheists credit evolution; Cuyahoga County lawyers settle with Covenant Weddings to avoid lawsuit; Chinese communists enforce laws against online Bible sales; Canadian Bill 213 insists every person authorized to solemnize marriage must comply with Ontario governmen...

  • 11/09 Just Like Us - Neanderthal Children

    Episode 11

    After 14 sons, Schwandt family welcomes first daughter; Oncologists discover hidden glands in the top of our throats; Scans of three baby teeth show more similarities between Neanderthals and Homo sapiens; Bachelor adopt five siblings; Evolutionists celebrate the social meaning they created for m...

  • 11/11 Leading Which Way?

    Episode 12

    Voeltzkow's chameleon seen again after 100 years; Biologists want to reclassify penguins; School officials prohibit girl's "Jesus Loves Me" face mask; Student body president is only part of the compromise in Calvin University's senate . . . and other stories reviewed during this November 11, 2020...

  • 11/16 Not Your Grandmother’s Woman

    Episode 13

    Physicists print microscopic platinum ships that trek through hydrogen peroxide; Activists pressure Oxford to change definitions for women; 1.7 million Colorado voters reject ban on abortions after viability; Fossil theorists garner media coverage by connecting evolution to climate change; ACLU p...

  • 11/18 Billions of Dead Things

    Episode 14

    Yellowstone Park bans man for cooking chickens in hot springs; Biden pledges LGBTQIA+ laws during first 100 days; President Giammattei bans Planned Parenthood in Guatemala; Iowa university students block pro-life group for not being "equitable, just, and welcoming"; Anthropologist examine eviden...

  • 11/23 Can Chance Create Blueprints?

    Episode 15

    Good Samaritans rescue elderly man from a sinking car; Fewer Americans divorce, but fewer also get married; Norway's parliament expands hate speech laws; Professors propose entropy created ordered energy in DNA; Google employee writes Progressive Cactus code to sort DNA data collected by evolutio...

  • 11/25 Thank God, Not the Universe

    Episode 16

    Masked newborn proves evolution; Pundits attack congressman for leading people to Christ; Activist exploits her child to increase her fame; Angsty nihilist fears black holes won't remember him; Woke parents seek ungodly advice on how to deal with their "insufferable" children; Evolutionary biolog...

  • 11/30 Ethical Cannibalism?

    Episode 17

    Canadian officials warn about moose licking cars; British Christians gather in secret—illegally; Woke Unitarian cult welcomes children into sexual rebellion; Atheists continue to label dogma-defying-evidence as "convergent evolution"; Activists promote lab-grown human meat as a replacement for b...

  • 12/02 Seeing Reality

    Episode 18

    Atom seen during intelligently designed experiment; Data artists visualize molecular choreography within living cells; Reef biologist tries to define evolution and fitness in a way that supports socialism; Atheists continue to label dogma defying evidence as 'convergent evolution'; Canada's ‘Jane...

  • 12/07 Doctors Without Limits

    Episode 19

    U.S. government allows airlines to decide which animals can fly in passenger cabins; Paleontologists publish more parallel evolution headlines based on teeth; Evolutionists declare living species to be prehistoric relics; California educrats force 8-year-olds to learn Marxist theories instead of ...

  • 12/09 Do You See What I See?

    Episode 20

    Indonesian man makes cat costumes; Jupiter and Saturn appear closer than they have for almost 700 years; Film-makers feature Amazon wall paintings in new documentary; Professors complain after SCOTUS remembers freedom is more important than health; Campoamor twists celebrity miscarriages into pro...

  • 12/14 Monkey See, Monkey Don’t

    Episode 21

    New York antiquities dealer sells rare nineteenth-century Christmas card for $25K; Anonymous neighbor insists nurse's Christmas lights are divisive; Design stability in primate eyes doesn't fit evolution... but Naturalists can't see it; Court requires funeral home to pay $250K to dead man's famil...

  • 12/16 Establishing A Secular State

    Episode 22

    Japanese seaweed farmer traps nine-arm octopus; Geneticists research migration through DNA; Nickelodeon helps transgender actor to coach children; Dogmatic activists want retail stores to stop distinguishing boys and girls; Professors study 2,500 grade-schoolers to find most-effective method of e...

  • 12/21 Conform to the World

    Episode 23

    Nevada woman takes her pet camel shopping; Creator of VeggieTales gets things wrong about the Creator of the Universe; Jason Lisle corrects Phil Vischer's history; Pro-abortion, pro-sodomy governor helps Virginia Christians to define worship; LGBTQIA+ activists praise North Carolina governor for ...

  • 12/23 Fear Not! Behold! Good News!

    Episode 24

    NOAA Satellite records moon shadow on South America; Canadian lawmakers intensify law to punish parents who object to gender doctrine; Postgraduates at Harvard Medical School declare "Not all who give birth identify as women"; Argentina's lower house approves abortion bill; Abortion activist's vi...