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A New History of the Human Race!

How to silently take over a country

Season 1, Episode 4 • 31m

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  • Can we identify the Jews genetically?

    Who are the Jews? Persecuted, powerful, peaceful—the Jewish people have worn many labels throughout human history. From the height of King David’s empire to the modern Middle East conflict, Jewish people and Jewish interests have stood at the forefront of the story of civilization. Who are they? ...

  • A Revolution in Pre-Columbian History

    Who ruled the Americas before Columbus? For years we’ve been taught that the Americas were sparsely populated by primitive peoples who lived in such harmony with nature that they were nearly invisible. Then Europeans came with their guns, destroying both nature, Native Americans, and Native Ameri...

  • The Hidden History of the Human Race ...

    For years, we’ve taught and learned history through the lens of politics, language, and culture. What about the history of peoples? For example, who were the ancient Romans? The ancient Greeks? The ancient Assyrians? Only genetics can scientifically answer this question. In this talk, Dr. Jeanson...