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Creation Basics

S4E18 Have scientists created life in a test tube?

Season 4, Episode 18

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  • S4E19 Is Archaeopteryx a missing link...

    The fossils of Archaeopteryx- what was said to be the earliest example of birds evolving, and a transitional form between dinosaur and bird- have been popularized for years in textbooks, TV shows and T-shirts as proof of evolution. But how is that holding up under scrutiny today?

  • S4E20 Is Tiktaalik one of the best pr...

     The discovery of Tiktaalik (a supposed transitional fish-to-tetrapod) was declared by many as ‘proof positive’ that fish had evolved into amphibians millions of years ago by the evolutionary community. Subsequent findings show just how fishy this story is…

  • S4E21 What about those embryo drawings?

    This episode of Creation Basics shows the history of the famous embryo drawings used in textbooks for over 100 years as proof of evolution- all based on false forgeries!