The Swan: XTRA 2

The Swan: XTRA 2

Dr. Dennis Swanberg (The Swan): XTRA 2 Playlist

Dr. Dennis Swanberg, affectionately known to his national TV audiences as “The Swan”, is a seasoned and solid communicator whose sly wit delivers life-enriching truths to the heart on wings of laughter.

A deeply loved pastor, Dr. Swanberg has won the hearts of audiences across the country. The Swan has been called “America’s Minister of Encouragement” because of his constant work at lifting hearts and leading people to a richer life through his “one of a kind” humor. His side-splitting stories of growing up, families, and the funny side of life entertains his audience even as he implants a strong message: we all have our flaws and foibles but we can also find a reason to smile!

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The Swan: XTRA 2
  • Make America Laugh Again (Excerpt)

    An excerpt from 'Make America Laugh Again'

  • Mashed Potatoes

    I love Christmas Time and the Holiday Season! It always makes me reflect back on good times with family and food! I hope you enjoy this clip remembering my mothers famous Mashed Potatoes!

  • Meeting Billy Graham

    One of the greatest memories I have, one that I will never forget, is meeting Dr. Billy Graham! What an incredible honor, pleasure, and privilege! I hope you enjoy going back and reminiscing about this special occasion! He was the very best!

  • Mexican Food Visions

    A hilarious clip from America's Minister of Encouragement taken from the Title: "It's Time To Laugh at Mud Creek!"

  • Mumble

    "The Swan" - Mumble - Dennis Swanberg

  • Nip It In The Bud

    This is one of the first and best stories I had about growing up in church and learning what a "rhetorical question" was! I hope you will enjoy

  • Nobody Slept With Momma

    This one is for you, Moms!!!
    As we prepare for Mother's Day 2020 we thought you might enjoy a hilarious clip from "The Swan's" performance in Bossier City, LA entitled, Livin' & Livin' Well!!!

  • Siphoning Gas

    "Siphoning Gas"
    A clip from the title: "Planting Shade Trees"

  • Sleepin’ in Grandma & Grandpa’s Bed

    "Sleepin' In Grandma & Grandpa's Bed"
    A clip from the title: "Planting Shade Trees"

  • Spanx

    Boy howdy, do I love my momma! Pauline Bernadeen gives me material all the time! I hope you enjoy this story and have a good laugh! Be blessed!

  • Spending The Kids Inheritance

    Dr. Dennis Swanberg - "Spending The Kids Inheritance"
    A clip from the title: "Planting Shade Trees"

  • Summer Diet Plan

    Summertime always reminds me of good times and great memories with my family at the beach for vacations! Over the years I've come up with a special "diet plan" for the summer and I hope it blesses you!

  • The Baptismal Drain

    From the title, Loosen Up, Laugh & Live this story is one of my all time favorites. Crazy things happen in church! I hope you enjoy "The Baptismal Drain" clip!

  • The Big Big Swan

    As we approach Father's Day we wanted to share a heartfelt poem and tribute to the Father of America's Minister of Encouragement, Floyd Leon Swanberg (1928-2012)! The Swan shares from the heart about a Fathers love and how that teaches us about the love of our Father in Heaven! May all you father...

  • The Easter Story

    An excerpt from 'Loosen Up, Laugh and Live'

  • The Home Run Record

    As baseball season approaches I am reminded of the historic home run race back in 1998! It reminded me that there are more first to come in this life! I hope you will enjoy this trip down memory lane!

  • The New and Improved Zipper Story

    The "Zipper Story" is one of my all time favorites and most requested stories. I love sharing this hilarious story on my Best Friend, Benji Harlan and his wife Connie! The original Zipper Clip has received over 10 Million views which I just cannot believe! So I hope that you will enjoy the update...

  • The Swan’s Shade Tree Heritage

    "The Swan's Shade Tree Heritage"
    A clip from the title: "Planting Shade Trees"

  • The Zipper Story

    Dr. Dennis Swanberg - "The Zipper Story"

    An excerpt from "Loosen Up, Laugh, & Live!"

  • They’re Lookin’ For Me

    I love my son Dusty...and boy has he given me plenty of "material" over the years! I hope you enjoy this classic story on my youngest son Dusty! Be blessed and choose Him and His Joy!

  • Things Happen

    I love my mom and dad, Floyd Leon & Pauleen Bernadeen! I remember all of the many good times we had their 50th Wedding Anniversary Party! I could always get my parents stirred up! I hope you enjoy this clip from "The Swan!"

  • Tithe Check

    An excerpt from 'An 8 Track Guy in and iPod World'.

  • You’re Sitting On The Wrong Side

    Right side? Wrong side? Which side are you on today?
    Enjoy this closing clip from the title; "Fair And Balanced - The Laughter Starts Here"