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  • S5E4 Washing & Folding

    How did the layers or "strata" form in the Grand Canyon? Does the evidence reinforce the biblical worldview or the secular worldview? In this episode, Mr. P. and Dr. Andrew Snelling help us understand how erosion created the layers that were formed in the Grand Canyon from a lot of water in a sh...

  • S5E5 Buried Bones

    Dinosaurs are an amazing part of God’s creation, and their fossils reveal important information about the history of the earth. What is a fossil and what parts of an organism turn into a fossil? Learn more about paleontology and the process of permineralization with Mr. P and Dr. Gabriela Haynes ...

  • S5E6 Flood In a Bottle: Hands On

    This is a hands-on episode with Mr. P and Naleah Sauder that relates back to Episode 4: Washing and Folding, with Dr. Snelling. It is suggested that you watch Episode 4 first. In this episode, you'll create a flood in a bottle with Mr. P. and Naleah.