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Unlocking Science

S5E6 Flood In a Bottle: Hands On

Season 5, Episode 6

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    When placing a stirring rod in a beaker, why does it appear to bend? In this episode, Mr. P. and Dr. Danny Faulkner discuss how "Seeing Isn't Believing" and how our brains can be tricked sometimes when we look at the world around us. The eyes are complex and Mr. P. explains the parts of the eye ...

  • S5E8 Up Up and Away

    Have you ever thought about blasting off into space? What is a rocket and what makes it go? Mr. P is joined by a space engineer, "Rocket" Rob Webb. In this episode, Mr. P and "Rocket" Rob will help you understand more about rockets and the force needed to launch it into space to overcome gravity...

  • S5E9 Spreading Life Down Low

    In Genesis 1:11-13 we read that God created the vegetation, plants and trees and they were designed to reproduce after its own kind. In this episode, Roger Patterson and Naleah Sauder talk about plants that grow low to the ground and the ways that God has invented to spread the seeds to reproduc...