Unlocking Science

Unlocking Science

5 Seasons

Explore science (and watch some things blow up!) with your new favorite science teacher,
Mr. Roger Patterson.

Unlocking Science
  • S5E1 What Floats Your Boat?

    Episode 1

    How do things float? What are the forces involved? What is a fluid? How does density and load distribution effect an object?

    In this episode, Mr. P and Dr. Faulkner discuss the two forces, gravity and buoyancy, and how their interactions create the net force that allows the fluid to rise or fal...

  • S5E2 Focusing on Concentration

    Episode 2

    What is concentration? What is the concentration of water vapor in the air called? How does solute, solvent, and dilution effect concentration?

    In this episode, Mr. P and Naleah discuss concentration. Many products we use every day are concentrated to help to reduce the waste in landfills; but t...

  • S5E3 Sound Off

    Episode 3

    What is your favorite sound to hear? What if you couldn't hear? What would you miss the most? How do you hear the sounds? We often take things for granted in our life that are good gifts from God. In this episode, Mr. P. and Naleah talk about how we can hear and all the wonderful benefits.


  • S5E4 Washing & Folding

    Episode 4

    How did the layers or "strata" form in the Grand Canyon? Does the evidence reinforce the biblical worldview or the secular worldview? In this episode, Mr. P. and Dr. Andrew Snelling help us understand how erosion created the layers that were formed in the Grand Canyon from a lot of water in a sh...

  • S5E5 Buried Bones

    Episode 5

    Dinosaurs are an amazing part of God’s creation, and their fossils reveal important information about the history of the earth. What is a fossil and what parts of an organism turn into a fossil? Learn more about paleontology and the process of permineralization with Mr. P and Dr. Gabriela Haynes ...

  • S5E6 Flood In a Bottle: Hands On

    Episode 6

    This is a hands-on episode with Mr. P and Naleah Sauder that relates back to Episode 4: Washing and Folding, with Dr. Snelling. It is suggested that you watch Episode 4 first. In this episode, you'll create a flood in a bottle with Mr. P. and Naleah.

  • S5E6: Hands On Instructions: Unlocking Science - Flood In a Bottle

    1.03 MB

    Unlocking Science S5E6 Hands on Instructions. It is suggested that you watch episode S5E4 Washing and Folding first before doing the hands-on.

  • S5E7 Seeing Isn't Believing

    Episode 7

    When placing a stirring rod in a beaker, why does it appear to bend? In this episode, Mr. P. and Dr. Danny Faulkner discuss how "Seeing Isn't Believing" and how our brains can be tricked sometimes when we look at the world around us. The eyes are complex and Mr. P. explains the parts of the eye ...

  • S5E8 Up Up and Away

    Episode 8

    Have you ever thought about blasting off into space? What is a rocket and what makes it go? Mr. P is joined by a space engineer, "Rocket" Rob Webb. In this episode, Mr. P and "Rocket" Rob will help you understand more about rockets and the force needed to launch it into space to overcome gravity...

  • S5E9 Spreading Life Down Low

    Episode 9

    In Genesis 1:11-13 we read that God created the vegetation, plants and trees and they were designed to reproduce after its own kind. In this episode, Roger Patterson and Naleah Sauder talk about plants that grow low to the ground and the ways that God has invented to spread the seeds to reproduc...

  • S5E10 Spreading Life up High

    Episode 10

    Genesis 1:11-13 tells us that God created the "vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their seed." In this episode, Mr. P and Naleah Saunder discuss trees and the various seeds they yield and how they spread them. Some seeds are covered while others are not. ...

  • S5E11 Who Goes There?

    Episode 11

  • S5E12 Hands on: Making Tracks

    Episode 12

    In Episode 11, we learned how to find tracks and identify them. In this hands-on episode, Mr. P and Naleah Saunder take a look at different tools that can be used to collect animals to see them (like trail cameras). On location, we see a demonstration on creating plaster casts for animal tracks t...

  • S5E11 Hands On Instructions: Unlocking Science -MakingTracks

    1.03 MB

    Unlocking Science S5E11 Hands on Instructions. It is suggested that you watch episode S5E11 Who Goes There? first before doing the hands-on.