Living Waters - 2022

Living Waters - 2022

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Assorted Living Waters videos from 2022

Get equipped to boldly share the gospel with actual footage of street evangelists challenging people from all walks of life with the life-changing gospel message.

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Living Waters - 2022
  • Watch How Christian Answers REALLY Tough Questions

    Episode 1

    In today’s evangelism video, Ray Comfort interviews a very passionate (and likable) unbeliever who has a lot of knowledge regarding religion, the afterlife, and the Bible... but lacks a saving faith in the gospel. They discuss flat earth, Catholicism, the origins of the Scriptures, and much more.

  • You Will NOT Believe How Satanic This New Video Game Is

    Episode 2

    A game that just released today called Cult of the Lamb is beyond satanic. Ray Comfort reacts to the shocking elements in this seemingly cute, cartoonish-looking video game. Ray then shares the gospel with someone who plays occultic/satanic video games, even though he believes in the existence of...

  • Find Out How He Almost Died Just Before This Interview

    Episode 3

    Ray Comfort interviews a man who got as close to death as he’s ever been only shortly before this conversation happens. In God’s kindness and providence, what could’ve ended in death was actually used to bring about life. Praise the Lord!

  • Learn This Biblical Principle That Helps the Lost to See!

    Episode 4

    Christian evangelist Ray Comfort shares the gospel with two men in Huntington Beach. One of them looks particularly tough, but he ends up responding to the message of the gospel in a way we certainly didn't see coming. You probably won't expect it either.

  • She's an Atheist Because “Christians Hate Gays”

    Episode 5

    Ray Comfort, a Christian, talks with a young atheist who said she’s an atheist because of the way Christians treat gay people. Watch how Ray handles this remark, and then turns the conversation toward the place that matters most: the gospel.

  • Monkeypox and God Is It a “Gay Disease”

    Episode 6

    0:01 / 16:30

    Monkeypox and God: Is It a “Gay Disease”?
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    Is monkeypox a so-called “gay disease”? Is it a punishment from God for homosexual activity? Ray Comfort shows compelling clips and sta...

  • I Talked With Babylon Bee About the Elon Musk Incident

    Episode 7

    Ray Comfort recently had an interview with The Babylon Bee. During their conversation, the incident they had with Elon Musk—where they asked him to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior—was brought up. Ray explains in depth what biblical evangelism is, and shows an example of a recent conversation ...

  • Ray Comfort Was Almost Killed Preaching in Jerusalem.

    Episode 8

    Ray Comfort recalls the time where the crowd literally wanted to kill him for preaching about Christ, since they were religious Jews. It was easily the most scary open-air witnessing encounter Ray has been in. Ray then gives advice on how to reach Jews with the gospel, and then shows a few evange...

  • She Didn’t Like the Christian, But Cried After This...

    Episode 9

    Ray Comfort, a Christian, shares the gospel with two women at Huntington Beach. At first, one woman says she actually doesn't like him, but then ends up shedding a tear near the end of the conversation.

  • She Cannot WAIT for This Christian to LEAVE

    Episode 10

    Not all evangelism conversations go well. In this video, Ray Comfort tries to break through the hardened heart of a young woman, but she doesn't agree with a single thing he says. However, at the end, something unique ends up happening.

  • The BIG Difference Between Mormonism and the Bible

    Episode 11

    Despite what Mormons say, Mormonism preaches a much different gospel than the Bible does—one that ultimately leads to Hell. In this video, Ray Comfort discusses what Mormonism teaches, and then shares the gospel with a Mormon. Throughout the entire evangelism encounter, Ray chalk-talks different ...

  • YouTuber Technoblade Dead at 23 - Why Has God Allowed This

    Episode 12

    YouTube gaming giant Technoblade passed away from cancer at the age of 23. Our hearts and prayers go out to his loved ones.

    This devastating news is affecting millions, especially younger people, who have watched him play Minecraft for years. Why would God allow Technoblade to die at such a youn...

  • You Need to Be Aware of This End Times Sign

    Episode 13

    The Bible says many things will happen when the last days are beginning. While some signs are mentioned more than others, many have forgotten one critical sign that the last days are upon us. Ray Comfort mentions what it is, and then discusses this end times sign with people on the streets as a c...

  • Tom Hanks Cusses Out Fans - But Was He Wrong?

    Episode 14

    Tom Hanks was recently filmed cussing out fans who pushed into his wife, nearly knocking her over. But was he wrong in doing this, or was his outburst justified? Is cussing wrong in general? Ray Comfort answers these questions, then shares the gospel with a man who does not like the God of the Bi...

  • She Whispers, “I’m Not Allowed to Talk to Christians”

    Episode 15

    Ray Comfort heads to Huntington Beach to share the gospel. His evangelism encounter with a man and woman is fairly normal at first, until Ray brings up the Bible. The woman gets defensive, then whispers something very interesting in the man's ear. You will enjoy these interesting evangelism encou...

  • This Woman Completely Stumps the Preacher!

    Episode 16

    This Woman Completely Stumps the Preacher!

  • He Was Pro-Choice, Then This Happened…

    Episode 17

    Mark Spence hit the streets in Southern CA to test President Biden’s claim that abortion is a private matter between a pregnant mother and her doctor. Mark brought Biden’s claim to its logical conclusion.

    Mark asked, "Imagine you are on the second floor of your apartment building and as you look...

  • Shared My Faith With an Atheist. It Didn't Go Well.

    Episode 18

    Ray Comfort meets an atheist at Huntington Beach. As he begins to share his faith with her, she gets more and more defensive, and is very unreceptive to the gospel. Watch how Ray deals with this situation. We pray that this atheist would have her heart opened to the gospel.

  • Is Jordan Peterson a Christian Now

    Episode 19

    In recent months, Jordan Peterson has been more and more vocal about topics such as God, the Bible, the Ten Commandments, Jesus, and Christianity as a whole, often being moved to tears as he discusses these subjects. But is he a Christian? Ray Comfort examines videos of Jordan Peterson and gives ...

  • Justin Bieber's Face Paralysis - Why Would God Allow This

    Episode 20

    Justin Bieber has recently revealed that half of his face has been paralyzed. But he also claims to be a Christian and is trusting God through this situation. Why would God allow this virus to attack the nerves in his face? Why does God have bad things happen to anyone, not just Justin Bieber? Ra...

  • Once I Saw This, I Knew Things Wouldn't Go Well

    Episode 21

    Ray Comfort shares the gospel with two young women who have two very different views on the afterlife. Things are going well, until one woman shows a sign that the conversation is about to take a turn for the worse... and it did.

  • What All Christians Should Know about New Age

    Episode 22

    New Age has been infiltrating Christianity in recent years, but it can often be difficult to define. In this video, Emeal ("E.Z.") Zwayne, the President of Living Waters, explains what New Age is and where it originated from. He then shares the gospel with a woman named Elona, who has some New Ag...

  • Homosexuals Left Speechless After Hearing the Gospel

    Episode 23

    Homosexuals Left Speechless After Hearing the Gospel

  • This never fails to happen with angel sightings…

    Episode 24

    This never fails to happen with angel sightings…