Hike & Seek

Hike & Seek

3 Seasons

Your favorite outdoor adventure host, Peter Schriemer, is back with an exciting 3rd season of Hike and Seek as he explores the Appalachian, the Ozark, and the Rocky Mountains!

God's creation is full of incredible creatures. Prepare to get your boots muddy as you join filmmaker Peter Schriemer in an exploration of God's world. Meet creatures from your own backyard or far-flung places as you hike and seek what God has made.

Hike & Seek
  • Hike and Seek? - New Creationist Wildlife Programs

    Hike and Seek? 🌳🐬👀 AiG launching exciting new creationist wildlife programs for the whole family!

  • S1E1 Sandhill Cranes

    Episode 1

    Meet sandhill cranes up close at a nature center, then join Peter on a hike to find some in a marsh. This is AiG’s first creationist wildlife program called Hike and Seek hosted by Peter. Meet Peter as he begins this exciting series and more.

  • S1E2 Pacman Frogs & Box Turtles

    Episode 2

    Learn about amphibian and reptiles on this episode of Hike and Seek with Peter Schriemer.

  • S1E3 Wood Ducks & Salamanders

    Episode 3

    After a warm spring rain, Peter goes hiking to seek migrating salamanders and wood ducks at the Howell Nature Center and out in God's big world.

  • S1E4 Red Foxes & Coyotes

    Episode 4

    Peter stops at the Howell Nature Center to meet some amazing creatures, then takes some recovered animals to find new homes - without fences - outside in God’s incredible world.

    Photo by Scott Walsh on Unsplash

  • S1E5 Bees & Blooms

    Episode 5

    Peter visits Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan to see the amazing genetic potential God created within flowers. After leaving Windmill Island Gardens he introduces you to Debra, Jim and their amazing pollinating honey bees.

  • S1E6 Backyard Birds

    Episode 6

    Peter shows you how to get the most from birdwatching in your backyard and beyond. Peter visits the Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland, Michigan, to learn about some amazing birds.

  • S1E7 Lake Michigan Sand Dunes

    Episode 7

    Peter shows you tiger beetles, toads, snakes, and owls at the Sand Dunes of Lake Michigan.

  • S1E8 Creatures of the Forested Dunes

    Episode 8

    The tall forested dunes of Michigan offer great habitats for animals like turtles, treefrogs, and hawks. Transition forests have three zones where you can spot wildlife. Eastern box turtles move slow but carry their camouflage with them. See what Peter carries in his hiking pack. Wood turtles lik...

  • S1E9 North American Eagles

    Episode 9

    When he was a boy, Peter saw his first eagle over Lake Huron. Have you ever seen a bald eagle or a golden eagle? Peter returns to the upper peninsula of Michigan to visit two places where people care for injured animals. Learn the difference between fishing eagles and booted eagles.
    - - - - - - ...

  • S1E10 Seney

    Episode 10

    Peter loves to hike in National Wildlife Refuges. In this episode he visits Seney. The northern woods and wetlands are home for loons, trumpeter swans and other birds that migrate through Michigan. Canoe trips on rivers, and hikes on trails are great ways to enjoy God's creation.

    - - - - - - - -...

  • S1E11 In the Meadow

    Episode 11

    Don't overlook the meadow! With three habitat zones meadows are home to a wide variety of creatures, you just have to know where to look. Peter picks up a garter snake, and net-swishes for insects. Then he visits the Howell Nature Center to see a famous ground hog. How much wood can a woodchuck c...

  • S1E12 The Pond

    Episode 12

    The pond is a beautiful place filled with amazing creatures. What are some differences between ponds and lakes? Fish, birds, turtles, and insects all live in ponds . . . and so do FROGS! Peter started learning about frogs when he was a young boy.

    Some creatures make their own ponds. The larges...