• See the Newly Updated Palm Plaza

    Allen Greene, AIG's Attractions Design Director, and Ken Ham go behind the scenes at the Creation Museum to take a sneak peek at the new and expanded pro-life exhibit, "Fearfully & Wonderfully Made," and the upgrade of Palm Plaza.
    This new exhibit opens in October!

  • Answers News for August 15, 2022

    Climate activists are stunned! Despite the countless predictions that the Great Barrier Reef would already be dying, it’s actually doing better than ever. In this episode of Answers News, our hosts Dr. Kaia Kloster, Bodie Hodge, and Dr. Jennifer Rivera share their perspectives on the matter as Bi...

  • Debunked evolutionary evidences that convinced millions to accept a (Part 1)

    In this episode of the GREAT Conversations Podcast, host Calvin Smith (the Director of Answers in Genesis CA) discusses several debunked evolutionary evidences that convinced millions to accept the lie of evolution.

  • Herders

    Shearing alpacas is hard work—and why are there so many of them? Discover why some animals live in groups, while others lead solitary lives, as Trevor and Avery meet an armadillo, a fennec fox, a massive Taiwan beauty snake, and more. Along the way, they'll explore if humans were created to live ...

  • Evolution and Personal Responsibility

    A concept that is becoming more apparent in culture is the idea that humans are really not responsible for their actions. Called chemical predestination, many evolution believers are abandoning the idea of free will and human responsibility.

  • What forensic science can teach us about our origins

    Many people don’t understand there are two, distinct types of science that often get lumped into the same category- which causes many people to view Bible-believing Christians as ‘science deniers’. They often see the difference much more clearly when shown what forensic science can teach us abou...

  • St. Augustine Was a Young-Earth Creationist

    A common assertion by those who don’t hold to the plain reading of Genesis 1–11 is the fallacious declaration, “Many of the Church Fathers did not hold to what is commonly called Young Earth Creation” And despite the overwhelming evidence against this claim, one of the well-known Church Fathers- ...

  • Journey Through the Ark Encounter


    Experience the 510-foot-long reconstruction of Noah’s ark with filmmaker Peter Schriemer. Discover behind-the-scenes facts about this architectural wonder, get answers to your questions about the ark, flood, and animals from the world-class exhibits, and discover the jaw-dropping size of this eno...

  • Journey Through the Creation Museum 2021

    Millions of people have toured the Creation Museum. Now you can see and learn from the one-of-a-kind displays and exhibits in this brand-new production featuring a walk-through with filmmaker Peter Schriemer.

    Beginning with a brief welcome from Answers in Genesis and museum founder Ken Ham, this...

  • The Giraffe Family at the Ark Encounter

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    Who is your favorite giraffe?

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