• Boggy Boys

    This latest episode of The Wild Way finds Morgan and Hudson going off to cast their votes in our local elections while Kian heads out on the bayou. Join Kian as he takes you around Hermit Crab Beach, where the Wild brothers used to find many hermit crabs growing up, and hear the other brothers’ r...

  • One Blood, One Race: The Origin of “Races”

    Because much of the church has adopted the secular world’s teachings regarding the different “races” and has not accepted the Biblical view, most Christians have lost a vital truth concerning the Scriptural teaching on the two spiritual races (but only one physical race), as opposed to the false ...

  • Heaven

    Hear Billy Graham’s final message on Heaven and reflections on his journey through life and ministry. Plus, experience stories of survival and resiliency as people find themselves facing what’s next, sooner than they planned.

  • Billy Graham: A Life Remembered

    Trace Billy Graham’s unexpected journey from a North Carolina farm to the largest arenas and stadiums in the world.

  • New Construction at the Ark Encounter

    Tim Schmitt, our VP of Site Development & Horticulture updates Ken on the exciting new construction projects underway at the Ark Encounter. The walled city upgrade to the exterior of our Answers Center, and the rainbow arch grand entrance are being built during the winter of 2021.

    New greenhou...

  • Descent of Man - 150th Anniversary

    4 videos

    Speakers at Answers in Genesis marked the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin's book "The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex" with a series of lectures at the Creation Museum that expose critical errors in the apostate theologian's theory of human evolution.

  • Runners

    Trevor and Avery race each other but Trevor always wins. That is, until Avery grabs some “Animal Energy.” Can Trevor outrun a camel, zebra, or ostrich?

  • Social Justice vs. Biblical Justice

    In today's episode, Todd, with the help of Voddie Baucham, seeks to explain the differences between social justice and Biblical justice so we can understand what true justice really is.

  • "Jehovah’s Bride” ... 1 take, 1 mic | LIVE a cappella recording

    Married or single (and we’ve all been in one or both of those categories), this song is such a powerful reminder of Who our first Love should forever be ... CHRIST!!!

    🏡 Special thanks goes to our sweet friends who graciously allowed us to invade their beautiful home to shoot this video!

    LIVE ...

  • Contending for Creation Webinar

    7 videos

    Our UK team hosted a creation webinar. This unique conference focuses on the various key aspects of creation and events recorded in Genesis 1-11 which are often misrepresented, e.g. The Flood and The Tower of Babel.


    Genesis 1: What means this text? Simon Turpin (talk time:31:06-1:24-52)...

  • Homeschool with Answers Bible Curriculum!

    Ken talks with the team that developed the new Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool. We took feedback from our users then customized this resource to help you teach apologetics and a biblical worldview to your children.

  • The Trojan Horse of Long Ages 

    A look at how the modern western church’s battle over biblical authority really began approximately 200 years ago by a seemingly innocuous compromise in an area that few Christians thought of as (and many today still think is not) important. Discover the Trojan Horse of Long Ages.

  • Meet Junior, Gracie, George, & Gloria: The Giraffe Family at the Ark Encounter

    4 videos

    Who is your favorite giraffe?