• Granting Favors

    Girl breaks periodic record; Woman honors her abortion daily; Illinois Democrats demand rewrite of history classes; NBA player stands alone for the gospel; DC Mayor uses tax dollars to paint political messages onto streets, then arrests protesters writing in chalk; British police drag father awa...

  • Here There Be Dragons

    Were dragons real? If so, what were they? How do dragons fit in to the biblical framework? Discover the answers to these questions in an interactive workshop designed for the entire family and led by Buddy Davis. Buddy is a paleo-artist and has sculpted many of the dinosaurs here at the Creation ...

  • Kettle Insists Pot Is Filthy

    Beetles escape frogs the hard way; Trans activists target evolutionary biologist; Museum bows to identity politics; Dinosaur with cancer buried in a flood; Geologists create computer models to bolster faith in water on Mars; NFL encourages players to join protests but will cut pay if players get ...

  • Grace Relations

    2 videos

    Typical “Race Relations” efforts focus on friction, which is a symptom of a much bigger issue. Decades of secular Race Relations efforts have typically resulted in more heat than change. “Grace Relations” focuses on the heart and promotes conversations that ease friction and lead to collaboration...

  • Scientist or Activist?

    Slovenian biologists gather data from spider webs; Appeals court agrees with religious liberty for adoption agencies; Polish croc fossil forces evolutionists to change tale about tracks; Nature retracts paper about dinosaur birds; Another evolutionary deep-time story features squishy words; South...

  • Unlocking Science - Season 2 Final Update

    Mr. P (and Claude) post an update about wrapping up Season 2 of Unlocking Science. Looking forward to an upgraded Season 3!

    Please help us continue to share the gospel around the world: https://AnswersinGenesis.org/give

  • Hands On: Fruit Dissection

    Fruits carry seeds so that plants can reproduce after their kind. Mr. P and Dr. Hall-Rivera show you how to dissect fruits. With curiosity and simple tools you can learn things about God's creation that most people miss.

    Download instructions for today’s experiment at:

  • Ears That Hear

    Ears That Hear -- How do ears work? Curious scientists discover details. Mr. P and Dr. Menton get in our heads and find a body of evidence that balance, hearing and communication are not accidents. God created listening.

    Photo by Irina Murza

  • I Wish the World Could Love Like Them

    Buddy Davis sings I Wish the World Could Love Like Them.

  • Open Daily: The Ark Encounter & Creation Museum

    What a blessing! The Ark Encounter & The Creation Museum have reopened.

    Our themed attractions will conduct temperature tests of staff, regularly clean and sanitize facilities, outfit employees with masks, and engage in other safety practices. Plus both attractions have expansive gardens and out...