• Isolated Teen Disciples

    Masked intruders break into bank to steal cookies; Pollster concerned pandemic is accelerating young people's disconnect from church; Headline asks if Jesus was a magician, article admits he was not; Smithsonian views imaginary past through lens of climate change; Musicians worship abortion as a ...

  • Fishing For Small Fries

    Climb aboard the boat with us as we head out on the water with our grandpa and our cousin, Logan. We’re on the hunt for bait fish that we will use for a future red snapper fishing trip. We’d really like to catch some cigar minnows. What will we find on this trip?

  • The Hidden History of the Human Race - overview

    For years, we’ve taught and learned history through the lens of politics, language, and culture. What about the history of peoples? For example, who were the ancient Romans? The ancient Greeks? The ancient Assyrians? Only genetics can scientifically answer this question. In this talk, Dr. Jeanson...

  • Dinosaurs And More

    Kids love dinosaurs! But Christian parents are understandably cautious when they see new dinosaur programs geared towards children.
    Secular dinosaur shows push evolutionary ideas like: dinosaurs existed millions of years ago, dinosaurs evolved into birds, and dinosaurs went extinct long before m...

  • Wretched TV Playlist

    8 videos

    Select episodes from the more than 2,000 episodes of Wretched TV.
    Why is “Wretched” so fitting for us?
    • Some would argue that the program itself is downright wretched.
    • The host is fully aware of his wretchedness.
    • Wretched is at the very core of the Gospel: that God ...

  • Grace Relations

    6 videos

    Typical “Race Relations” efforts focus on friction, which is a symptom of a much bigger issue. Decades of secular Race Relations efforts have typically resulted in more heat than change. “Grace Relations” focuses on the heart and promotes conversations that ease friction and lead to collaboration...

  • Open Daily: The Ark Encounter & Creation Museum

    What a blessing! The Ark Encounter & The Creation Museum have reopened.

    Our themed attractions will conduct temperature tests of staff, regularly clean and sanitize facilities, outfit employees with masks, and engage in other safety practices. Plus both attractions have expansive gardens and out...