Tilt Shift

Tilt Shift

2 Seasons

Tilt Shift, created and hosted by Dr. Tim Chaffey and Bryan Osborne, was awarded the 2023 International Christian Visual Media (ICVM) Gold Crown Award for Best Christian Talk Show. This isn't your typical movie review show-we're not saying that you should or shouldn't watch the films we review, several websites do that already. Instead, we're examining the ideas and philosophies found in these movies from a Biblical perspective to help shift your thinking to align with the Bible.

Tilt Shift
  • S1E1 Tilt Shift "Free Guy"

    Episode 1

    Join Tim Chaffey and Bryan Osborne as they discuss the philosophies presented in the movie "Free Guy".

    Biblical world views, gender roles, critical race theory, and morality are a few of the ideas discussed in this episode. "Free Guy", released in 2021 by 20th Century Studios, is the focus on t...

  • S1E2 Tilt Shift "A Quiet Place"

    Episode 2

    The value of family, sanctity of life, and other topics are discussed in this episode which focuses on the 2018 film "A Quiet Place".

  • S1E3 Tilt Shift "Ghostbusters Afterlife"

    Episode 3

    The meaning of life, woke ideology, and the supernatural are some of the topics discussed on this episode of Tilt Shift.

  • S1E4 Tilt Shift Then & Now-"Beauty and The Beast"

    Episode 4

    On this episode of Tilt Shift, Tim and Bryan dig into both versions of "Beauty and the Beast" to find out what the differences are between then and now.

  • S1E5 Tilt Shift Woke Women Vs. Strong Women

    Episode 5

    Tim and Bryan look at numerous films to demonstrate the difference between strong women and woke women and how those ideas are presented on this special edition of Tilt Shift.

  • S1E6 Tilt Shift "Jurassic Park"

    Episode 6

    Tim and Bryan discuss the evolutionary thought and ideas presented in the Jurassic Park film trilogy.

  • S1E7 Tilt Shift "The Last Jedi"

    Episode 7

    On this episode of Tilt Shift, Tim and Bryan dig deep into the 2017 Star Wars film, The Last Jedi and point out some of the issues the film presents.

  • S1E8 Tilt Shift "Avengers: Endgame"

    Episode 8

    Join Tim and Bryan as they break down some of the themes and ideas presented in the MCU film, Avengers: Endgame.