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GREAT Conversations with Calvin Smith

S3E10 The Genesis of a brand-new Critical Thinking course for Christians!

Season 3, Episode 10

Up Next in Season 3

  • S3E11 If God created everything,why a...

    One of the most instinctive and obvious arguments for the existence of God is the incredible design we find in nature. But if God created everything, why are things so unintelligently designed?

  • S3E12 Jesus & Genesis-What the New Te...

    Jesus and Genesis - What the New Testament says about creation. Many people mistakenly think that the issue of creation, the Flood, where the different people groups came from and the age of the earth only involve the interpretation of Genesis 1–11. It’s important to remember that the teaching of...

  • S3E13 Date Doctoring:Why you can trus...

    Date doctoring; why you can trust the Bible’s timeline VS radiometric dating methods often used to convince people against the trustworthiness of scripture.