GREAT Conversations with Calvin Smith

GREAT Conversations with Calvin Smith

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Join Calvin Smith (Executive Director and Speaker with AiG Canada) and his guests as they have G.R.E.A.T. (Gospel, Relevance, Evangelism, Apologetics, Training) Conversations relating to church and culture today. Discover how Answers in Genesis resources impact lives in gospel outreach.

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GREAT Conversations with Calvin Smith
  • How Codes Reveal Creation

    Episode 3

    Understanding the nature of information content shows how codes reveal creation.

  • Who’s teaching our children?

    Episode 2

    In this episode of the GREAT Conversations Podcast, host Calvin Smith (the Director of Answers in Genesis CA) discusses how scripture says children will be like their teachers, and asks, who exactly is teaching the majority of Christian parent’s kids?

  • Progressing in Christian Faith vs Progressive Christianity

    Episode 1

    There are major differences between progressing in your Christian faith versus what ‘Progressive Christianity’ proposes.