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Up Next in February, 2021

  • Rebellion; Numbers 14-16

    Rebellion against God is never good. If we are not careful, rebellious thinking can lead us into serious sin. There are many ways to justify rebellion, one of them is by looking at historically beneficial times of rebellion, but not all actions are equal. One of the key reasons for the newly form...

  • The Red Heifer; Numbers 17-20

    Orthodox Jews today are waiting for the rebuilding of the Temple. In fact, they’ve been waiting for nearly two thousand years, after it was destroyed in AD 70. Over centuries, they have handed down religious doctrines that claim Jesus Christ was not Messiah, that He was an imposter. This means th...

  • Balaam Prophecies; Numbers 21-24

    There are many prophets today who say they are speaking for God, but they are speaking only for themselves. False prophecy is a deep and dark pit, it’s a trap that feeds us emotionally but is terrible for us spiritually. Throughout the Bible false prophets and prophecies are spoken against. The N...