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Up Next in February, 2021

  • Israel Is a Nation; Numbers 25-27

    The family of Jacob that went into Egypt had emerged a nation. God was taking a census of Israel so that they would truly see this, and in doing so was also teaching them how to act and react to Him. God wanted them to put Him first in their culture. As with any great change, there were times of ...

  • Cities of the Levites; Numbers 34-36

    In the ancient world, the nation of Israel was unique. In fact, it is still unique in today’s world. Israel as a country, exists for the first time in about 2000 years. Many Christians love Israel because they appreciate Biblical history and they understand that God still has a plan for the natio...

  • King Og of Bashan; Deuteronomy 1-3

    King Og was one of the ancient kings who captured a piece of land on the east side of the Jordan, and he led some very ruthless people. In fact, the Scriptures tell how King Og came against the nation of Israel, and how they defeated him. Israel needed victories as a nation, they needed to have s...