Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2022)

Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2022)

12 Seasons

New episodes five days each week, Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show is designed to guide you through the Bible in one year.

We are a family-run international ministry with television, print and online programs designed to guide you through the Bible in one year.

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Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2022)
  • Response to Eliphaz; Job 4-7

    Episode 1

    "I like to call the friends of Job the “so-called” friends of Job for the way they allow their opinions and disagreements to torment him when he’s so vulnerable. These arguments are presented for us in a public hearing on why all this evil has come upon Job. Job himself has already put himself in...

  • Zophar Speaks Foolishness; Job 8-11

    Episode 2

    "Zophar is one of the three men who come to comfort Job. He is from Naamah in northern Arabia. His name reflects the arrogance of his statements. It means “twittering bird.” Zophar perfectly represents the pride of people who think they speak for God. In his comments, Zophar claims that God has n...

  • A Wrong Accusation; Job 12-15

    Episode 3

    "When we think someone is smart, we think highly of them. When we think someone is wise, we respect them in a different way. We expect them to understand how to put their knowledge into practice, how to correctly analyze and approach situations. Unfortunately, it is common for people to only come...

  • Wrong Vision of God; Job 16-19

    Episode 4

    "It is easy to gain a wrong vision of God, especially in today’s world of constantly streaming information. We can very easily grab onto a wrong vision of who God is and why things are the way they are. Let’s remember that sin is in the world. Sin is the reason for crime, evil and war. It is not ...

  • Unchanging God; Job 20-23

    Episode 5

    "It is easy to misunderstand the meaning of an absolute perfect and caring God in times when we don’t feel cared for at all. Too often our emotion overturns our spiritual reason when we are experiencing the darkness of evil. We wonder what God could possibly be doing while we suffer through pain ...

  • Elihu Continues; Job 33-36

    Episode 6

    "Having a conversation with someone who is humble is very different than speaking with someone who is convinced of their own personal greatness. In this case, it is difficult to connect on a personal level or even get a word in. Speaking to God is a very different experience, especially when we c...

  • God Speaks; Job 37-39

    Episode 7

    "Elihu, the arrogant one, is interrupted by God. The LORD answered Job from the storm. He was not messing around! God was there to answer Job’s questions in His own way. God begins to speak to Job by asking him over 80 questions ranging in topic from the beginning of time, the passage of time, an...

  • Job’s Restoration; Job 40-42

    Episode 8

    "The restoration of Job is not just a restoration but a maturity of his understanding. Since Job felt that he had done nothing wrong, he questioned God about the suffering he was enduring and what God was doing about it. But remember, mankind is all together sinful to the LORD. At the beginning o...

  • David Is Troubled; Psalms 1-8

    Episode 9

    "There is no pain like family pain; nothing as hurtful as when a family member who is close to you betrays you for their own advantage. That is what David felt when his son Absalom proclaimed himself king. David himself had prepared the way for this betrayal by not applying God’s law
    to his own s...

  • Idle Words; Psalms 9-14

    Episode 10

    "In today’s world, it can seem daunting to tell the truth when there are so many different claimed truths! As Christians though, we know that only God gets to determine truth. We must learn to define what is real and true by God’s standards, not our own. We live in a world covered by social media...

  • Choose the LORD; Psalms 24-28

    Episode 11

    "Every day we make decisions about who or what we worship. How we choose indicates whether we serve the LORD or not, whether that is in one or all areas of our life. And most of these decisions are not big ones and can even be passing thoughts. The way we follow Jesus Christ is how we live. Life ...

  • Be Glad in the LORD!; Psalms 29-32

    Episode 12

    "Music is the sound of our soul. When we sing, we communicate something that cannot be expressed in the same way as when we speak normally or in a sermon. From the tune of instruments to the melody of our voices, music can resonate the deeper meaning of inward expression and the emotional bandwid...

  • Our Great Redeemer; Psalms 33-36

    Episode 13

    "The world in which we live judges us based on our income and possessions. But does God judge us that way? Does the LORD use a banking system to determine what our worth is? No, He does not! And we, as Christians, should adjust our thinking to the way God thinks and not the way the world does. Wh...

  • Make Haste, O LORD!; Psalms 37-40

    Episode 14

    "Human nature is not good. We all have sinned. In fact, the world is full of sin. The culture of sin is everywhere. It is sophisticated and complex. But God is LORD over everything, including sin. He is the only perfect One who paid the cost of sin 2,000 years ago, once and for all. His death and...

  • In Times of Trouble; Psalms 41-44

    Episode 15

    "The prayer of Psalm 43 begins with the words “Vindicate me, oh God…”, and it sounds desperate. And, it is! We really don’t know who finalized this Psalm, but we do know the words. There are many people in the world today who empathize with the desperation of the writer. Everyone wants to be trea...

  • Our Enemies; Psalms 55-59

    Episode 16

    "When we refer to the enemy, we often mean those who hate us. But there are different kinds of enemies, those who hate us without a cause and those who hate us with a cause. Psalm 59 was written during a time when a jealous King Saul sent men to watch over David’s house in order to kill him becau...

  • God Is Our Refuge; Psalms 60-64

    Episode 17

    "The word refuge means a shelter that protects us from danger or trouble. God is a shelter to those who trust in His provision. The LORD always helps those who call on Him. When we cry out to our LORD, He listens and guides us in our decision making. God desires to be in every part of our life. W...

  • When God Rules; Psalms 65-68

    Episode 18

    "When the LORD rules, things change. When God does not rule, things change for the worse. There was once a city whose leaders were very careful to follow God’s commands and that city did very well. Other cities whose leaders chose to ignore God and His ways, did not do well and were trampled by t...

  • God’s Protection for Life; Psalms 69-72

    Episode 19

    "When our physical life begins to wear us down, our spiritual life in Christ grows and lifts us up. Even if we lose the ability to think and reason, our spirit is very much alive and the LORD cares for us. This is important to remember when we are speaking with our parents, seniors and the elderl...

  • When Nothing Seems Left; Psalms 73-76

    Episode 20

    "Have you ever felt that God has left you? There are many who have. They think that because they can see no justice in their situation that God must not care, that He has abandoned them. The problem is that we don’t think as God does. We see our situation in our time and through our eyes, God doe...

  • Great Is God’s Mercy; Psalms 85-89

    Episode 21

    "The Psalms are a collection of poetical lyrics that reflect the soul of man and the heart of God through music. There are many things that we can consider and apply to life in our praise and prayers to God. As we read the prayer of David in Psalm 86, we can hear the sound of his soul crying out ...

  • The Voice of God; Psalms 90-94

    Episode 22

    "One of the ways the Bible describes the voice of God is the sound of mighty rushing water. When we stand on the seashore and hear the crashing waves or when we stand next to a huge waterfall, the sound of the water resonates in many frequencies: Low sounds vibrate our body and high frequencies h...

  • May, 2022 Bible Discovery Guide: Job - Psalms

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