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Up Next in May, 2022

  • Make Haste, O LORD!; Psalms 37-40

    "Human nature is not good. We all have sinned. In fact, the world is full of sin. The culture of sin is everywhere. It is sophisticated and complex. But God is LORD over everything, including sin. He is the only perfect One who paid the cost of sin 2,000 years ago, once and for all. His death and...

  • In Times of Trouble; Psalms 41-44

    "The prayer of Psalm 43 begins with the words “Vindicate me, oh God…”, and it sounds desperate. And, it is! We really don’t know who finalized this Psalm, but we do know the words. There are many people in the world today who empathize with the desperation of the writer. Everyone wants to be trea...

  • Our Enemies; Psalms 55-59

    "When we refer to the enemy, we often mean those who hate us. But there are different kinds of enemies, those who hate us without a cause and those who hate us with a cause. Psalm 59 was written during a time when a jealous King Saul sent men to watch over David’s house in order to kill him becau...