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2/07 Did Meat Make Us Human?

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2/09 Does The Bible Mention Unicorns?

Season 17, Episode 15 • 31m

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  • 2/07 Did Meat Make Us Human?

    Russian youtuber builds an exploding lightsaber; Abortionist company builds a playground; NYT journalist blurs reality; Australian develops new technique and discovers new object in space; New analysis undermines dominant hypothesis about role meat-eating in human evolution; Pittsburgh investiga...

  • 2/02 Heartbeats Change Minds

    Irish guys carry dead man to post office to collect his pension; California school district pays $57,000 to ‘disrupt whiteness’ in kindergarten; Poll shows young Americans persuaded by fetal heartbeats; Marine biologists find organ that may explain why whales don't drown when they eat; Evolutioni...

  • 1/03 Is the Multiverse Idea Scientific?

    Young buck attacks Christmas decorations; Fewer Americans trust the Salvation Army after they publish a racism guide; Oxford adds racial score requirement before granting research funds; Researcher challenges EDI rule in Canada; Evolutionary microbiologists try to solve LUCA's chicken or egg prob...