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Join our hosts for a look at culture and science news through the lens of a biblical worldview. Answers News is designed to help Christians think Biblically about what they hear and see in popular culture, pointing people back to the authority of God’s Word in every area of their lives.

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Answers News
  • Scientist or Activist?

    Episode 1

    Slovenian biologists gather data from spider webs; Appeals court agrees with religious liberty for adoption agencies; Polish croc fossil forces evolutionists to change tale about tracks; Nature retracts paper about dinosaur birds; Another evolutionary deep-time story features squishy words; South...

  • Plus or Minus 1,200,000,000

    Episode 2

    Wildlife Federation celebrates tiger success by demanding more government action; Fewer Americans report reading their Bibles; Rowling tries to reason with transgender advocates; Astrophysicists' measurements give different ages for the universe; Fulani Muslims burn, loot, rape and murder in yet ...

  • How Earth Got Its Climate...

    Episode 3

    Engineers surprised at complicated nanostructures in insects; International team declares five-inch hippo bone was an ancient tool; London activist wants society to get rid of white men; Kaufman writes crosswalk signals are racist; Geologist preaches deep time dogma; Climate alarmists revise date...

  • Fruitless and Not Multiplying

    Episode 4

    Cee films lightning at the Statue of Liberty; Pew publishes results of international God and morality survey; Communists enter homes of Christians to force worship of CCP; Duke graduate student concludes we are all fish; Chemists admit DNA is more complicated than commonly taught; Burton rescues ...

  • Science or Sci-Fi?

    Episode 5

    Curious koala hangs about in warehouse; Local paper publishes retired professor's story about unobserved glacial stages; Navy stops treating church worse than parties and bus rides; Atheist lawyers admit to taking same federal funds they accused churches of taking; Researchers tell tales about do...

  • God Spoke All These Words

    Episode 6

    Burger King can't satisfy Green Matters; Intersectional activists deny anatomy and biology; Arsonist boasts after crashing van into church building and setting fire while people were inside; Wright and Collins sing evolution into Genesis; Evolutionary botanists chart their assumptions; Massachuse...

  • Stranger Family

    Episode 7

    Engineers produce geostationary satellites that map lightning; SCOTUS won't tell religious schools who to hire; Atheistic assumptions drive new Turkana Boy analysis; Co-parenting is old, not new; Parents choosing to homeschool overwhelm state bureaucracy; Atheists change opinions about Earth's ma...

  • Measuring Wrong

    Episode 8

    Biologists study falling snakes; Evolutionists hope to classify Europan bacteria as life; PhDs examine DNA and discover dogs are dogs; Cincinnati democrats cancel Christian therapist; More polls get more headlines; Evolutionists measure milk complexity, then avoid implications by claiming 'concur...

  • Biblical Justice Is Personal

    Episode 9

    Bioengineers invent way to translate ASL; Pastors seek compromise with advocates who demand absolute affirmation; Naturalists choose sides on asteroid v. volcano dogma; Ontario pastor declares he is a woman; African pastor warns ethnic gnosticism is a false religion; Atheist magazine labels peopl...

  • Embracing Sin As Identity

    Episode 10

    Mad hatterpillars keep their heads; Voters want women's sports for females; Court rules states cannot exclude religious schools; Evolutionists think they think like monkeys; Professors re-examine saber-tooth marsupial teeth; Hatmakers celebrate sin-based identity; ELCA asserts anti-biblical defin...

  • Rumors of War

    Episode 11

    NASA shows ten years of sun photos in one hour video; People accumulate genetic mutations at different rates; Maloney claims religious liberty means discrimination; One-third of Americans polled think civil war is likely; Dutch court gives no penalty to doctor who murdered rebellious patient; Res...

  • #CancelDarwin

    Episode 12

    Ten brothers welcome sister; Cancel culture considers Yale and Darwin; BLM King incites destruction of white Jesus; More babies born at night, so evolutionists tell a story; Planned Parenthood picks same side in “life and death” election; London biologists pick 25 embryos, edit 18, then kill all ...

  • Colors Beyond Our Sight

    Episode 13

    Maintenance crew stuffs roller coaster; Politicians insist conversion is abuse; Researchers sort 929 genomes into evolutionary model; Activists hate female author; Hummingbirds see colors humans can't; Bird feathers bend light; Nickelodeon celebrates #pride; Chemist and geologist think life came ...

  • Flood Solves Antarctica Rainforest Mystery

    Episode 14

    Drunk elephants and armadillos baffle scientists, US Supreme Court normalizes transgenderism, Tennessee schools required to release students in time for church, Global Flood solves Antarctica rainforest mystery, 30 alien civilizations lurking in the Milky Way? Disney fans cry "racism" at theme pa...

  • Britain Rethinks Puberty Blockers

    Episode 15

    Britain Rethinks Puberty Blockers - Answers News June 17, 2020

    Married couple celebrates 80-year anniversary, Harvard prof urges homeschoolers to be indoctrinated by public schools, Britain reverses direction on puberty blockers, scientists discover dinosaur's last meal, researchers find oldest ...

  • Impact Downgraded

    Episode 16

    Bait company builds giant lure; Professor questions asteroid extinction; Biologists interpret spore spines to support ozone and climate fears; Researchers document truth decay in USA; Virus experts say faith and science work together; People define “weeds” differently; Team analyzing snake genes ...

  • Walking on the Ceiling

    Episode 17

    Butcher stocks meat vending machine; University astronomer bets on aliens; Salzburg bishops demand perversion; Bias blinds Viennese to miracle of the ear; Under oath Planned Parenthood sells baby parts; Sauropod trail becomes cave ceiling . . . in this broadcast of Answers News.

    - - - - - - - ...

  • Norsk Feil
    Episode 18

    Norsk Feil

    Episode 18

    Curious diver finds rice sized seahorse; Disney empire also outs Pixar; Probable simulations get headlines; Researchers study bitten bones; Norwegian professor echoes same old error; Abortion advocates throw eggs at praying pro-lifers; CNN continues spreading overpopulation fears… and more in thi...

  • God Gave Them Up

    Episode 19

    Heroic boys rescue drowning girl; Activists capitalize on police brutality to foment destruction; Private-sector space program succeeds; Postdoctoral fellow mistakes longer toes for evolution; Researchers implant electrodes to trace letters in participants’ minds; USA birth rate lowest since 1909...

  • Seeing Everything Differently

    Episode 20

    Climate alarmists discover penguins are dangerous too; Prodigal posts personal truth; Microaggressive academics tell people to follow rules; Lawyers propose laws to protect churches from lawsuits; Evolutionists see what they want to see in knuckles bones; Reporters insist hot meteor impacting icy...

  • More Flood Evidence Ignored

    Episode 21

    Holey Rome; Ghoulish marketing; Provocative judge; Bearded fable; Misinterpreted belemnoid; Murderous charity; Reported propaganda; Spun facts and more in this episode of Answers News.

    - - - - - - - - - -
    “In that day the deaf shall hear the words of a book, and out of their gloom and darkness ...

  • Minutes Not Millions of Years

    Episode 22

    Boy pursues $3 Lamborghini; Mountain moves minds; Pope says pray… to whomever; Pastors disagree about words and methods; Evolutionists tell bone stories despite uncertainty; Study determines chimps are not people; Study shows fellowship reduces despair; Snowball Earth deniers design another fault...

  • ELCA Prays to Mother God

    Episode 23

    Customer tips big; Filmmaker normalizes dysphoria; Researchers trace marble to specific quarry; Professors announce our sun is not normal; ELCA prays to mother god; Parents disagree with school board over sex indoctrination; Naturalists see evolution in pandemic . . . and more in this broadcast o...

  • Unpacking Raptors

    Episode 24

    Murder hornets invade; Gondwanatherian bones make headlines; Deluded mum sues British government; Canadian judge screams at father for resisting state sterilization of daughter; Evolutionists argue about unfossilized raptor behavior . . . and more in this broadcast of Answers News!

    “Murder horn...