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11/17 Did That Baby Have a Tail?

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11/15 2,000 More Babies in Texas

Season 16, Episode 11

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  • 11/17 Did That Baby Have a Tail?

    Mojo sells toys with evolutionary misinformation; "Race Cars" helps 7-year-olds adopt Critical Race Theory; VP Harris asks if NASA satellite data on trees shows environmental justice; Evolutionists try again with homology; College students sue school over discrimination against guest speaker; Abo...

  • 11/22 Would Jesus Be Woke?

    Record setting premie is doing well; NSW law recognises humnaity of unborn children; Biologists try to measure natural selection in chickadees; Politician tweets about Jesus (and male and female); Australian guide finds rare jawless eel; Media revisit discoveries from Antarctic ice cores . . . an...

  • 11/24 Who Died?

    A California bear walks into a 7-Eleven; Boston pays city employees who stay home after abortions; Virginia professor helps activists destigmatize pedophilia; Evolutionary biologists try to explain design features in human birth canal; People study rockfish with hopes of extending human life span...