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10/18 Big Tech Threatens “Climate Change Deniers”?

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10/13 Tardigrades Ruin Evolutionists’ Day

Season 16, Episode 4

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  • 10/18 Big Tech Threatens “Climate Cha...

    Ontario woman wakes up to meteorite on her pillow, YouTube & Google decide to stop monetization of so-called "climate change deniers," Superman now bisexual, ‘dinosaur shrimp’ emerge after Arizona monsoon, Lego to remove gender stereotypes from toys, the odds we are living in a computer simul...

  • 10/20 Why Do Atheists See Junk DNA?

    Ontario bear struggles to swipe pumpkin; UK union allows teachers to self-identify as black; Canadian bureaucrats continue to use police power against Christian assemblies; Research forces atheists away from junk DNA claims . . . and other stories reviewed during this October 20, 2021, broadcast ...

  • 10/25 Who Says We Can Make a Universe?

    Raven attacks coffee drone; Harvard astronomy chair continues to assert absurdities; Chinese researchers publish giant scorpion fossil Terropterus xiushanensis; Father details how LGBTQIA+ therapists harmed his son . . . and other stories reviewed during this October 25, 2021, broadcast of Answer...