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9/22 Will CRISPR Bring Back Mammoths?

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9/20 Will More Parents Homeschool?

Season 15, Episode 21

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  • 9/22 Will CRISPR Bring Back Mammoths?

    Dazzle the dog stops cricket game; Fired flight attendants sue Alaska Airlines for religious discrimination; Paleontologists tell apex predator tales based on a partial jawbone fossil; Investors give Colossal $15 million to de-extinct woolly mammoths; Texas Right to Life receives bomb threats, s...

  • 9/27 Who Made the First Clothing?

    Handprints and footprints of children found fossilized in limestone on the Tibetan Plateau; Furthur study of plant reproductive structures forces evolutionists to change their story; Pastors wrestle with implications of William Lane Craig's mytho-history; Barcelona team studies cliff layers to hy...

  • 9/29 Did Asteroids Destroy Sodom?

    Swiss psychologists develop phobia app; Parents choose charter and private schools for children locked out of public education; Biologists identify gene mutation linked to pigeon beak size; Texas governor signs law banning drugs that induce abortion; Interdisciplinary team publishes hypothesis to...