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  • Science Confirms the Bible Again in Ground-Breaking Grand Canyon Research

    Science always confirms the Bible because the Bible’s history is true. And a four-year, in-depth research project by a world-class PhD geologist, Dr. Andrew Snelling, once again confirms what we’d expect starting with God’s Word—and confounds evolutionary expectations.

    Dr. Snelling, who has a Ph...

  • 7/07 Can Elephants Inspire Engineers?

    Episode 1

    Baby boy born halfway through pregnancy celebrates his first birthday; IRS says Bible-quoters are too partisan to qualify for tax-exempt status; Researchers use infrared spectroscopes to find proteins in fossilized eggs; Evolutionists think the mass burial in the Haiyan Lagerstätte fossils may ha...

  • 7/12 Who Insists Creation Is Racist?

    Episode 2

    Honest couple notifies bank about $50 billion error; Canadian radio host fans flames of church arson; Scientific American publishes accusation that opponents of evolution are white supremacists; Paleontologists x-ray fossilized dino dung and discover new beetle; Six patients receive experimental ...

  • 7/14 Who Wants to Make Disciples?

    Episode 3

    Dentists design magnetic mouth-lock to prevent overeating; Teacher sues administrators over skin-color curriculum; Utah BLM declares US flag a hate symbol; National Geographic tries to fit carved bones into evolutionary storyline; Uncomfortable agnostics recognise the value of Christian faith; Is...

  • 7/19 - Will the Moon Flood the Earth?

    Episode 4

    Paratrooper survives 15,000 foot fall; Skeptic promotes museums; Burge charts answers people gave to questions about God; Eugenics resurfaces in California designer baby business; Somone plans to release pregnant man emojis; NASA report on moon’s 18.6-year tide cycle now includes climate fears . ...

  • 7/21 Will Atheists Abandon Their Icon?

    Episode 5

    Maine man finds Picasso painting in dead relative's closet; Evolutionary geneticist insists artwork gives the wrong idea; Paleontologists discover spiny-finned fish fossil in Chiapas; Research professors suggest we'll never know the total number of species; New York Democrats want to ban Chick-f...

  • 7/26 What Does Disney Preach?

    Episode 6

    Couple finds 18 snakes under their bed; Court rules Iowa university violated religious liberty; Teen Vogue celebrates Disney's queer HSMTMTS love song; Researchers consider genetic material found in giant lemur jawbone; Whistleblower reveals how toy company trains employees to see children as rac...

  • 7/28 Do Neanderthals Get To Be Human?

    Episode 7

    Mac & cheese ice cream triggers strong opinions; Geophysicists find underground "megaripples" in petroleum industry seismic data; Cardiac researchers find treatments in deadly spider venom; Paleogeneticists write code that sorts genomes based on evolutionary assumptions; Obama judge rules school ...

  • 8/02 Who Puts Men in Women’s Prisons?

    Episode 8

    Spanish police respond to cat playing loud music; California bureaucrats offer licensed contraceptive counseling and birth control to female inmates (after placing males in women's prisons); Shatner says nothing matters; Scientists discover ABO blood groups in neanderthals and denisovans; US poll...

  • 8/04 Will Nick Vujicic Open a Bank?

    Episode 9

    Austrian team lies to dogs, primates and babies and record the results; A doctor prescribes subjective evangelism; ScienceNews wrestles to fit Alaskan baby dino fossils into their theories; Another musician turns away from Christ and toward ancient heresy; Entrepreneurs start ProLifeBank after se...

  • 8/09 Should States Control Education?

    Episode 10

    Policeman frees garbage thief; Evolutionists speculate about creepy feelings; Postdoctoral fellow jumps on the birds-are-dinosaurs bandwagon; American Medical Association declares birth certificates should not include sex; British socialists oppose undocumented homeschooling; School in Minnesota...

  • 8/11 Can Broken Pots Prove God Spoke?

    Episode 11

    California regulations on animal welfare impact US pork supply; Philistine skeletons DNA suggests European ancestry; Evolutionists publish peer-reviewed kleptotrichy paper about bird behavior that has been on YouTube for years; Fiji's rugby team praises Jesus for Olympic gold; Polish team's metal...

  • 8/16 When Did These Cave Lions Die?

    Episode 12

    Trojan horse hoax returns to embarrass media; Largest teacher's union sues mother of kindergarten student; Creationists and evolutionists disagree about cave lion ice mummy evidence; Canadian pastor defends congregation from LGBTQIA+ intolerance; London police arrest American street preacher . . ...

  • 8/18 Who Says We Deny Science?

    Episode 13

    Botanists identify another insect eating plant; Danish political scientists consider evolutionary advantages of lying; Smithsonian documentary mistakes Nebuchadnezzar's tower for Tower of Babel; Psychologists publish their prejudice against the biblical worldview; Baptists reject Jesus' view of G...

  • 8/23 Do Diamonds Tell Time?

    Episode 14

    Olympian sells silver medal to pay for infant’s heart surgery; Judge rules against father who wants his son to be recognized as a boy; French research team overturns Darwin's view of the appendix; Paleontologists realize beetle fossil must have been buried rapidly; Evolutionary geologists try to ...

  • 8/25 Do Children Belong to the State?

    Episode 15

    Black cat leads rescuers to missing woman; Snopes fact-checker caught cheating; Researchers model asteroid impacts; Scientists document how fetal membranes heal; School district instructs teachers when lie to parents about gender; Columnist repeats biased inaccurate history; Finland joins Sweden ...

  • 8/30 Who Blends Animal and Human DNA?

    Episode 16

    Connecticut bear steals package; Lawmakers fail to block research into human-animal hybrids; Survey shows correlation between worldview and belief in alien life; HuffPost tries to marginalize Ken Ham; Geologists try to explain why millions of years of rocks are missing; Harvard biologists publish...

  • 9/01 Can a Majority Be Wrong?

    Episode 17

    Researchers see a "golden" bear in Peru; Probe survey shows large decline in US Christianity over the last 10 years; Homosexual advice columnist helps people leaving God to find Magic; Bank of America, Lowe’s and Truist sponsor CRT training to make employees "woke at work"; Colorado father persua...

  • 9/08 Who Leads Harvard?

    Episode 18

    Canadian weatherman's dog joins broadcast; Booksellers apologize for true books; Palaeontologists spin teeth into three new creatures with backstories; Biologists find even less time for plants to evolve moisture-regulating stomata; President insists Texas abortion limits are “outrageous” and "e...

  • 9/13 What If Aliens Don’t Exist?

    Episode 19

    Tably app measures whether pet cats are healthy; Team led by graduate student claims that intelligently designed antibiotic treatment follows mindless evolutionary principles; Wild cockatoos make utensils out of tree branches to open fruit pits; San Francisco government will pay high-risk men to ...

  • 9/15 Do You See What I See?

    Episode 20

    Mom posts funny photo of her daughter and a stingray; New York Democrat calls Texan Christians "extremists" and recommends home abortions; Religious leaders form group to oppose Texas abortion law; Dakota triceratops to be sold at French auction; American Psychological Association report contradi...

  • 9/20 Will More Parents Homeschool?

    Episode 21

    Research from penguin fossil found fifteen years ago by school kids gets published this month; Record crowds at the Ark Encounter & Creation Museum lead to new expansion plans; Asian paper wasp nests glow in ultraviolet light; Tree resin preserves female spider, her egg sac, and silk; Homeschooli...

  • 9/22 Will CRISPR Bring Back Mammoths?

    Episode 22

    Dazzle the dog stops cricket game; Fired flight attendants sue Alaska Airlines for religious discrimination; Paleontologists tell apex predator tales based on a partial jawbone fossil; Investors give Colossal $15 million to de-extinct woolly mammoths; Texas Right to Life receives bomb threats, s...

  • 9/27 Who Made the First Clothing?

    Episode 23

    Handprints and footprints of children found fossilized in limestone on the Tibetan Plateau; Furthur study of plant reproductive structures forces evolutionists to change their story; Pastors wrestle with implications of William Lane Craig's mytho-history; Barcelona team studies cliff layers to hy...