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8/02 Who Puts Men in Women’s Prisons?

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7/28 Do Neanderthals Get To Be Human?

Season 15, Episode 7

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  • 8/02 Who Puts Men in Women’s Prisons?

    Spanish police respond to cat playing loud music; California bureaucrats offer licensed contraceptive counseling and birth control to female inmates (after placing males in women's prisons); Shatner says nothing matters; Scientists discover ABO blood groups in neanderthals and denisovans; US poll...

  • 8/04 Will Nick Vujicic Open a Bank?

    Austrian team lies to dogs, primates and babies and record the results; A doctor prescribes subjective evangelism; ScienceNews wrestles to fit Alaskan baby dino fossils into their theories; Another musician turns away from Christ and toward ancient heresy; Entrepreneurs start ProLifeBank after se...

  • 8/09 Should States Control Education?

    Policeman frees garbage thief; Evolutionists speculate about creepy feelings; Postdoctoral fellow jumps on the birds-are-dinosaurs bandwagon; American Medical Association declares birth certificates should not include sex; British socialists oppose undocumented homeschooling; School in Minnesota...

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