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7/14 Who Wants to Make Disciples?

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7/12 Who Insists Creation Is Racist?

Season 15, Episode 2

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  • 7/14 Who Wants to Make Disciples?

    Dentists design magnetic mouth-lock to prevent overeating; Teacher sues administrators over skin-color curriculum; Utah BLM declares US flag a hate symbol; National Geographic tries to fit carved bones into evolutionary storyline; Uncomfortable agnostics recognise the value of Christian faith; Is...

  • 7/19 - Will the Moon Flood the Earth?

    Paratrooper survives 15,000 foot fall; Skeptic promotes museums; Burge charts answers people gave to questions about God; Eugenics resurfaces in California designer baby business; Somone plans to release pregnant man emojis; NASA report on moon’s 18.6-year tide cycle now includes climate fears . ...

  • 7/21 Will Atheists Abandon Their Icon?

    Maine man finds Picasso painting in dead relative's closet; Evolutionary geneticist insists artwork gives the wrong idea; Paleontologists discover spiny-finned fish fossil in Chiapas; Research professors suggest we'll never know the total number of species; New York Democrats want to ban Chick-f...