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3/22 Do Tolerant People Purge Dissent?

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3/17 Jesus Is a Racist, Says Who?

Season 13, Episode 22

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  • 3/22 Do Tolerant People Purge Dissent?

    Literature teacher returns book to library 63 years overdue; Evolutionists use different teeth to repeat their dogma; California teachers propose ethnic chanting to Aztec gods; Intolerants demand American Medical Association sacrifice a doctor to their outrage; Epigeneticists use semantics to byp...

  • 3/24 - Fake Mouse Wombs - Good or Evil?

    Columbia College hosts six different CRT-based graduation ceremonies; Bloodsucking fish fossils challenge evolutionary dogma; Researchers create artificial mouse wombs; Ancient Greenland plants point to warmer climate in upper northern hemisphere; Neanderthals made art; NYC private schools prefer...

  • 3/29 What’s Odd About Giraffes?

    Female amphibian selected for Easter bunny; Canadian politicians seek to remove limits on killing disabled and mentally ill patients; Evolutionary geneticist inserts giraffe genes into mice; Researcher proposes different standards for colleges that teach God created; Paleontologists find fossil o...