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11/18 Billions of Dead Things

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11/16 Not Your Grandmother’s Woman

Season 12, Episode 13

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  • 11/18 Billions of Dead Things

    Yellowstone Park bans man for cooking chickens in hot springs; Biden pledges LGBTQIA+ laws during first 100 days; President Giammattei bans Planned Parenthood in Guatemala; Iowa university students block pro-life group for not being "equitable, just, and welcoming"; Anthropologist examine eviden...

  • 11/23 Can Chance Create Blueprints?

    Good Samaritans rescue elderly man from a sinking car; Fewer Americans divorce, but fewer also get married; Norway's parliament expands hate speech laws; Professors propose entropy created ordered energy in DNA; Google employee writes Progressive Cactus code to sort DNA data collected by evolutio...

  • 11/25 Thank God, Not the Universe

    Masked newborn proves evolution; Pundits attack congressman for leading people to Christ; Activist exploits her child to increase her fame; Angsty nihilist fears black holes won't remember him; Woke parents seek ungodly advice on how to deal with their "insufferable" children; Evolutionary biolog...