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5/18 Minutes Not Millions of Years

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Answers News

5/13 ELCA Prays to Mother God

Season 10, Episode 8

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  • 5/18 Minutes Not Millions of Years

    Boy pursues $3 Lamborghini; Mountain moves minds; Pope says pray… to whomever; Pastors disagree about words and methods; Evolutionists tell bone stories despite uncertainty; Study determines chimps are not people; Study shows fellowship reduces despair; Snowball Earth deniers design another fault...

  • 5/20 More Flood Evidence Ignored

    Holey Rome; Ghoulish marketing; Provocative judge; Bearded fable; Misinterpreted belemnoid; Murderous charity; Reported propaganda; Spun facts and more in this episode of Answers News.

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    “In that day the deaf shall hear the words of a book, and out of their gloom and darkness ...

  • 5/27 Seeing Everything Differently

    Climate alarmists discover penguins are dangerous too; Prodigal posts personal truth; Microaggressive academics tell people to follow rules; Lawyers propose laws to protect churches from lawsuits; Evolutionists see what they want to see in knuckles bones; Reporters insist hot meteor impacting icy...