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6/10 Impact Downgraded

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6/08 Walking on the Ceiling

Season 10, Episode 14

Up Next in 2020: April - June

  • 6/10 Impact Downgraded

    Bait company builds giant lure; Professor questions asteroid extinction; Biologists interpret spore spines to support ozone and climate fears; Researchers document truth decay in USA; Virus experts say faith and science work together; People define “weeds” differently; Team analyzing snake genes ...

  • 6/15 The PhyloCode

    Bird biologist finds lost lizard; Lawyer documents sex advocacy in public schools; Evolutionists propose PhyloCode for naming creatures; Biologists intelligently design experiment to replicate imaginary past; Religious atheists celebrate expanding indoctrination; NSF funds paper returning to volc...

  • 6/17 Britain Rethinks Puberty Blockers

    Married couple celebrates 80-year anniversary, Harvard prof urges homeschoolers to be indoctrinated by public schools, Britain reverses direction on puberty blockers, scientists discover dinosaur's last meal, researchers find oldest land animal fossil, punctuated evolution example debunked, court...

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