Answering Atheists

Answering Atheists

10 Episodes

Skeptics have questions—and we have answers! Get equipped with sessions from the 2019 Answering Atheists Easter Conference.

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Answering Atheists
  • Learning to Think Biblically

    Episode 1

    Surrounding us is a swirling hurricane of change. At a breathtaking pace, we’re seeing the culture overthrow any semblance of biblical morality and a tide of immorality is taking its place. How should Christians think (and teach their children to think!) about the hot-button issues of our day suc...

  • Genesis, Foundations, and How to Impact the Culture

    Episode 2

    Why isn’t the church impacting the culture like it did in previous generations? It’s a foundational problem! Much of the church is not standing on the authority of God’s Word, beginning in Genesis. Without a firm foundation, many are blown about by the chaos of our culture.

    Discover the foundat...

  • Are Humans Related to Chimps?

    Episode 3

    One of the biggest debates in evangelical Christianity today is whether Adam and Eve were real people. Sadly, many believe that genetics has proven that humans and chimps share a common ancestor disproving the existence of an original couple specially created by God. As a consequence, many have b...

  • Replacing Darwin: The New Origin of Species (2019)

    Episode 4

    Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson effectively and authoritatively documents the newest scientific discoveries, refutes Darwin's claims, and presents evidences that support a compelling alternate explanation for the origin of species.

  • The Bible vs. All Other Religions

    Episode 5

    Ultimately, there are only two religions—God’s and not God’s (man’s). Learn what makes the Bible unique, how we know the Bible is true, and how we can refute the claims of other religions in this powerful presentation.
    Bodie Hodge asserts that the real battle is about authority. You only have tw...

  • Does Science Support a Flat Earth?

    Episode 6

    Many individuals, including some Christians, are falling for flat earth ideas. Does science support such an idea? Does the Bible teach a flat earth? Discover the history of science on the shape of the earth, how the flat earth movement emerged, what observational science reveals, and what the Bib...

  • Quick Answers to Tough Questions

    Episode 7

    This faith-building and humor-filled talk will equip you to answer over 20 of the most-asked questions about creation, evolution, science, and the Bible, opening the door to sharing the gospel.

  • The Secret Code of Creation

    Episode 8

    The Secret Code of Creation by Dr. Jason Lisle at the 2019 Easter Conference: Answering Atheists.

    Dr. Lisle presents a compelling argument for God being the creator of the universe.

  • Keys to Reaching Atheists

    Episode 9

    Keys to Reaching Atheists by Ray Comfort (Living Waters) at the 2019 Easter Conference: Answering Atheists.

  • The Bankruptcy of Atheism (2019)

    Episode 10

    The Bankruptcy of Atheism by Mark Spence (Living Waters) at the 2019 Easter Conference: Answering Atheists.